Jethro Tull ‎– Stand Up (1969)

Stand Up is the second album by English blues/folk-rock band Jethro Tull, released in 1969 on Chrysalis.

A1. “A New Day Yesterday” (4:10)
A2. “Jeffrey Goes to Leicester Square” (2:12)
A3. “Bourée” (3:46)
A4. “Back to the Family” (3:48)
A5. “Look Into the Sun” (4:20)
B1. “Nothing Is Easy” (4:25)
B2. “Fat Man” (2:52)
B3. “We Used to Know” (3:59)
B4. “Reasons for Waiting” (4:05)
B5. “For a Thousand Mothers” (4:13)

1969 shortplayer sides:
Living in the Past” (3:23)
Sweet Dream” (4:05)
Driving Song” (2:44)

Ian Anderson — flute, acoustic guitar, Hammond organ, piano, mandolin, balalaika, harmonica, vocals, producer, writer, composer
Martin Lancelot Barre — electric guitar, flute
Clive Bunker — drums, percussion
Glen Cornick — bass

Jimmy Grashow — artwork
Terry Ellis — producer
David Palmer — string arrangements, conductor

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