Yuji Ohno

Yuji Ohno — 大野雄二 (May 30, 1941) — is a Japanese jazz pianist who played on albums by Kimiko Kasai and Terumasa Hino during the early 1970s. In 1974, Ohno collaborated with Brazilian samba-jazz vocalist Sônia Rosa on the CBS/Sony release Spiced With Brazil. The following year, he partook in the Columbia Records jazz-funk one-off […]

Yoshiko Sai ‎– Taiji No Yume (1977)

Taiji No Yume is the third album by Japanese singer/songwriter Yoshiko Sai, released in 1977 on Blow Up. Tracklist: A1. “ヒターノ – Gitano” (3:43) A2. “アルハンブラの青い壜 – Alhambra no Aoi Bin” (2:08) A3. “ある晴れた夜 – Aru Hareta Yoru” (3:31) A4. “波止場 – Hatoba” (3:58) A5. “春の夢 – Haru no Yume” (2:48) A6. “海の沈黙 – Umi […]