Ekatarina Velika

Ekatarina Velika were a Yugoslav New Wave band from Beograd in modern-day Serbia. Between 1985 and 1989, the band released four albums and a live recording on ZKP RTVLJ and RTB. The band evolved from Katarina II, which sprung from the ashes of Šarlo Akrobata. Members: Milan Mladenović (vocals, guitar), Margita Stefanović [Magi] (keyboards), Bojan […]

Korni Grupa

Korni Grupa were a Yugoslav symphonic-rock band from Beograd, Serbia, that was active for six years, starting in 1968. The band released a string of shortplayers on RTB between 1969 and 1971, followed by a self-titled album on the label in 1972. The nameplate was momentarily modified to Kornelyans for the popular 1974 release Not […]

YU Grupa

YU Grupa were a Yugoslav hard-rock from Beograd, Serbia, that was prolific during the 1970s, releasing 10 singles and five albums, mostly on Jugoton. The late 1980s spawned another round of albums and the band has recorded sporadically in the decades since. Members:  Dragi Jelić (vocals, guitar), Žika Jelić (bass, vocals), Miodrag Okrugić [Mive] (organ, […]

Katarina II

Katarina II were a Yugoslav New Wave band for Beograd, Serbia, formed in 1982. The band released a self-titled album in 1984 on ZKP RTVLJ and subsequently changed their name to Ekatarina Velika for two additional albums on the label, switching to RTB in the late 1980s. Members: Milan Mladenović (vocals, guitar), Margita Stefanović [Magi] […]


Xenia were a Yugoslav New Wave band from Rijeka, Croatia, that was active for four years, starting in 1981. The band debuted with a 1982 single and released two albums between 1983 and 1984 on Jugoton. Members: Vesna Vrandečić (vocals), Robert Funčić (guitar), Joško Serdarević (drums), Marinko Radetić (bass) Discography: Kad nedjelja prođe (1983) Tko […]

Tomaž Pengov

Tomaž Pengov (1949 — Feb. 10, 2014) was a Slovenian singer/songwriter who was sporadically active for nearly four decades, debuting with the 1973 album Odpotovanja and releasing subsequent material at five-to-ten-year intervals into the 2010s. Discography: Odpotovanja (1973) “Napisi padajo” / “Črna pega čez oči” (1978) Pripovedi (1988) Rimska cesta (1992) Biti tu (1995)

Teška Industrija

Teška Industrija were a Yugoslav hard-rock band from Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, that released seven singles and three albums on Jugoton between 1975 and 1978. A second round of activity produced two further albums during the early 1980s. Sporadic revivals have followed in the decades since. Members: Gabor Lenđel (keyboards, 1974-77, 2007), Vedad Hadžiabdić (guitar), Ivica Propadalo […]


Tako were a Yugoslav symphonic/space-rock band from Beograd, Serbia, that issued a self-titled album on ZKP RTVLJ in 1978, followed by the RTB-release U Vreći za Spavanje in 1980. Both albums were reissued with bonus tracks and alternate cover art by Kalemegdan Disk during the early 1990s. Members: Dušan Ćućuz [aka Dule] (bass, vocals), Đorđe […]


Suncokret were a Yugoslav folk-rock ensemble from Beograd, Serbia, with a revolving-door lineup over a five-year period of activity. Between 1975 and 1979, the band issued seven singles on RTB, Diskos, and ZKP RTVLJ. The last of those labels issued the band’s singular album, Moje Bube, in 1977. The band also have a song apiece […]