Voïvod ‎– Dimension Hatröss (1988)

Dimension Hatröss is the fourth album by Quebecois metal band Voïvod, released in 1988 on Noise/Maze. Tracklist: Prolog A1. “Experiment” (6:10) A2. “Tribal Convictions” (4:52) A3. “Chaosmöngers” (4:39) A4. “Technocratic Manipulators” (4:35) Epilog B1. “Macrosolutions to Megaproblems” (5:33) B2. “Brain Scan” (5:08) B3. “Psychic Vacuum” (3:49) B4. “Cosmic Drama” (4:54) Credits: Denis D’Amour — guitars […]

Voïvod ‎– War and Pain (1984)

War and Pain is the first proper studio album by Quebecois thrash-metal band Voïvod, released in 1984 on Metal Blade. Tracklist: Iron Side A1. “Voïvod” (4:16) A2. “Warriors of Ice” (5:04) A3. “Suck Your Bone” (3:30) A4. “Iron Gang” (4:15) A5. “War and Pain” (4:55) Blower Side B1. “Blower” (2:42) B2. “Live for Violence” (5:11) […]


Voïvod are a Québécois thrash-metal band that released several cassette only live and studio albums during the early 1980s, culminating with the album War and Pain on Metal Blade Records in 1984. Four albums followed on Noise International during the second half of the decade. Members: Away [Michel Langevin] (drums), Piggy [Denis D’Amour] (guitar, 1982-2005), […]