Vytas Brenner

Vytas Brenner (Sept. 19, 1946 — March 18, 2004) was a Venezuelan keyboardist, guitarist, and composer who recorded a slew of sympho-space/jazz-rock albums during the 1970s, some co-credited to his band Ofrenda. Gonzalo Vazquez-Casals on Vytas Brenner – “Cariaco/Sancocho de Medula” / “6 Por Electron/Jayeche” (1975) Sancocho is a soup from the Spanish Caribbean. Medula […]


Témpano are a Venezuelan art-rock/pop band formed in 1977. The band’s first album, Åtabal-Yémal, appeared in 1980 on Vinyl Internacional. Subsequent ’80s-era albums appeared on Color and CBS. In 1998, Musea reissued the first album with different cover art and this netted a global cult following that reactivated the band for the 21st century. Members: […]

Frank Quintero

Frank Quintero is a Venezuelan composer, arranger, vocalist, and drummer who has released 15 albums since 1976. His first three albums were co-credited to his jazz-funk backing band Los Balzehaguaos. Discography (1976–85): Después de la Tormenta (y los Balzehaguaos) (1976) Travesía (y los Balzehaguaos) (1977) Hechizo (y los Balzehaguaos) (1978) De Noche y con Poca […]

Fernando Yvosky

Fernando Yvosky is a Venezuelan musician, singer, and composer who self-released the symphonic/experimental album Dos Mundos in 1975. The artist plays guitar, percussion, and cuatro — a Latin American lute-like instrument — on the album, which also features extensive contributions from keyboardist Guillermo Mager and assorted string/woodwind players. Discography: “Barcos de Papel” / “Invierno” (1974) […]


Estructura were a Venezuelan symphonic-rock band that was active from 1977 to 1981. The band released their conceptual debut, Mas Alla de tu Mente, in 1978 on WEA. This was followed by a self-titled second album in 1980 on Grabaciones Mundiales C.A. Bassist Agni Mogollón would later record solo. Members: Marisela Pérez (lead vocals), David […]

Equilibrio Vital

Equilibrio Vital are a Venezuelan symphonic-rock band that has been intermittently active since the start of the 1980s. The band issued its self-titled debut album on the Color label in 1983. That album, along with the 1984 followup Kazmor el Prisionero, were reissued by Musea in the 2000s and have since drawn global praise. These […]


Aditus are a Venezuelan jazz rock band that was active as a recording unit for more than 20 years. Starting with 1977’s A Través de la Ventana, the band released an album every other year with the first three attracting international listeners. The nameplate was still active under newer personnel well into the 21st century. […]

Orchestra Julian

Orchestra Julian was a Venezuelan jazz-funk ensemble led by producer and arranger Julian Romero. Their one album, Latin Fire, appeared on TPI Records in 1976. Members: Julian Romero (producer, arranger) Latin Fire Julian Romero (b. 1946) hailed from Caracas, Venezuela, where he co-founded Disqueras Unidas with his brother, Al Romero. He assembled Orchestra Julian for […]