Opa were an Uruguayan jazz-rock band that released two albums during 1976 and 1977 on Milestone/RCA Victor. The first, Goldenwings, features appearances by vocalist Flora Purim and guitarist David Amaro. On the sophomoric Magic Time, the band are joined by early Totem member and Latin-funk solo artist Rubén Rada. Both albums were produced by Airto […]


Totem were an Uruguayan Latin-rock band that released three albums during the early 1970s on De la Planta. The band were initially fronted by vocalist/percussionist Rubén Rada, who also recorded solo and later joined Opa. Members: Rubén Rada (vocals, percussion, 1971-72), Eduardo Useta (guitar, vocals), Enrique Rey (guitar), Mario “Chichito” Cabral (percussion), Daniel “Lobito” Lagarde […]


Psiglo were an Uruguayan psych-rock/folk band that was active during the first half of the 1970s. The band debuted with Ideación on Sondor-subsidiary Clave in 1973. Though the effort drew audiences with its eclectic music and arresting cover art, the followup would be shelved until 1981, long after the band had ceased activity. Members: Luis […]

Los Shakers

Los Shakers were an Uruguayan beat/pop-psych band of the 1960s. Formed in 1963, the band were among Montevideo’s first proponents of Mersey-style rock. Advancing from their cover-band beginnings, the band embraced album-oriented artistry and delivered the 1968 conceptual classic La Conferencia Secreta del Toto’s Bar. The band was headed by brothers Hugo and Osvaldo Fattoruso, […]

Armando Tirelli

Armando Tirelli is an Uruguayan keyboardist, composer, and arranger who was active between the late 1960s and late 1970s. He first appeared in 1968 as part of the lounge-jazz act Sexteto Electrónico Moderno, with whom he recorded two albums. He then joined Exodo, a Mexican Latin-rock combo that issued an eponymous album in 1972. In […]