Tip of the Iceberg

Tip of the Iceberg were an American jazz-funk big band that released a self-titled album on Project 3 Records in 1975. Members: Derek Smith (electric piano, clavinet), Albie Berk (drums), Russel George (bass), Tony Mottola (electric guitar, guitar), Don Albano (electric guitar, vocals), Sue Evans (percussion), Phil Kraus (percussion), George Young (tenor saxophone, flute, fife, […]

The Free Design ‎– Heaven / Earth (1969)

Heaven / Earth is the fourth album by American pop-vocal act the Free Design, released in 1969 on Project 3 Records. Tracklist: A1. “My Very Own Angel” (3:00) A2. “Now Is the Time” (2:14) A3. “If I Were a Carpenter” (3:17) A4. “You Be You and I’ll Be Me” (2:34) A5. “Girls Alone” (3:55) A6. […]

Bill Evans ‎– Symbiosis (1974)

Symbiosis is an album by jazz keyboardist Bill Evans consisting of a two-movement, five-part Third Stream composition by conductor/arranger Claus Ogerman. The album was released in 1974 on MPS. Tracklist: 1st Movement (Moderato, various tempi) A1. “Part A” (7:58) A2. “Part B” (5:17) A3. “Part C” (11:43) 2nd Movement (Largo – Andante – Maestoso – Largo) […]