Wavemaker was an English electronic duo that released the 1975–77 Polydor albums Where Are We Captain?… and New Atlantis. Members: Brian Hodgson, John Lewis Background Formed by BBC Radiophonic Workshop-vet/White Noise-cofounder Hodgson with Electrophon Studio cohort Lewis, the duo released two albums on Polydor with help from percussionist Jon Keliehor and kettledrummer Anthony McVey. Where […]


A-440 were an American rock band from Houston that released three garage-psych singles on the local labels Sona and Cinema in 1967/68. In 1978, the reactivated band issued the symphonic-rock/opera Ulysses: The Greek Suite on 20th Century. Members: Ted Neeley (vocals), Carlos Luevano (guitar), Craig Meacham (bass), Ian Hoffman (drums), Michael Rapp (keyboards), Yvonne Iverson […]