Batti Mamzelle

Batti Mamzelle were a London-based funk-psych octet comprised of Trinidadian musicians. The band released one album, I See the Light, on Cube Records in 1974. Vocalist Jimmy Chambers hailed from soul-rockers Dada. Percussionists Ralph Richardson and Russel Valdez played the steel drums on “Did You Ever Love Me” from the 1973 Fleetwood Mac release Penguin. […]

Billy Ocean

Billy Ocean — born Leslie Sebastian Charles (Jan. 21, 1950) — is a Trinidad-born/U.K.-based soul-pop singer with a career that dates back to the early 1970s. He first recorded as Les Charles, cutting two singles for Spark Records in 1971 and 1972. Two years later, he reappeared as the frontman of Scorched Earth, which cut […]

20th Century Steel Band

The 20th Century Steel Band were a Trinidadian calypso-funk ensemble that released two albums on United Artists during 1976 and 1977. Members: Fimber Bravo [aka Bravo] (pan, backing vocals), Goldfrun Moore (pan, backing vocals), Martin James (pan, backing vocals), Colin Moore (drums, backing vocals), Winston Findlay (pan, backing vocals), Gideon Rogers (pan, backing vocals), Mikey […]

Earl Rodney

Earl Rodney is a Trinidadian calypso vocalist, bassist, and steel-pan drummer who was primarily active between 1970 and 1983. During the 1970s, he provided backing work on albums by compatriots Black Stalin, Lord Nelson, Mighty Sparrow, and The Troubadours. In 1974, he released the album Friends & Countrymen on Antillana. Discography: Friends & Countrymen (1974)