Flue were a Dutch coldwave/art-punk band that released a single and two albums between 1980 and 1983 on Torso. Members: Cor Bolten, Edward Gijsen (vocals, guitar, synthesizer, piano, bass), Judith Smorenberg (synthesizer), Hans (drums), Jerome (bass) Discography: “Jerome” / “Ugly People” (1980) One and a Half (1981) Vista (1983) “Some-times (in Arabia)” / “Legacy” (1987)


Mo were a Dutch art-pop combo that released three albums on Backdoor between 1980 and 1984. Members: Clemens de Lange (keyboards, 1979-81), Harm Bieger (drums, 1979-84), Heili Helder (vocals, 1979-81), Huub de Lange (bassoon, keyboards, 1979-81), Frank Pels [aka The Pels Syndicate] (keyboards, 1983-85), Hans Nieuwint (keyboards, 1981-85), Hans van der Meer (drums, 1984-85), Linda […]


Flyte were a Dutch symphonic-rock band that issued the album Dawn Dancer on Don Quixote Records in 1979. Members: Lu Rousseau (vocals, percussion), Ruud Worthman (guitar), Jack van Liesdonck (piano, electric piano, clavinet, synthesizer), Leo Cornelissens (organ, Mellotron, ARP Solina string ensemble, vocals), Hans Marynissen (percussion), Peter Dekeersmaeker (bass, vocals) Discography: Dawn Dancer (1979)

Doe Maar

Doe Maar were a Dutch New Wave/ska band that released four albums on Killroy/Sky between 1979 and 1983. Members: Ernst Jansz (vocals, keyboards, guitar, saxophone), Jan Hendriks (guitar, vocals), Joost Belinfante (bass, trombone, percussion, vocals, 1978-84), Carel Copier (drums, vocals, 1978-81), Piet Dekker (bass, vocals, 1978-80), Henny Vrienten (vocals, bass, 1980-2013), René van Collem (drums, […]


Avalanche were a Dutch folk-rock/psych band that released the album Perseverance Kills Our Game on Starlet in 1979. Members: Jan Blom (vocals, mandolin, guitar, bass), Rob Dekker (keyboards), Daan Slaman (guitar), Marcella Neeleman (flute), Fred Dekker (bass guitar), Johan Spek (drums) Discography: Perseverance Kills Our Game (1979)

Golden Earring

Golden Earring was a Dutch rock band that started life in 1961 as The Tornadoes. The band released two Nederbeat albums on Polydor between 1965 and 1967 under variations of the pluralized “Golden Earrings” banner before the arrival of vocalist Barry Hay. Between 1968 and 1981, the band recorded 16 albums for the label before […]

Jasper van’t Hof

Jasper van’t Hof (born June 30, 1947) is a Dutch pianist who has played in numerous combo configurations since the early 1970s, including the jazz-rock supergroups Association P.C. and Pork Pie. He has released more than 30 solo albums. Discography: Eye Ball (1974) The Selfkicker (1977) Flowers Allover (1978) However (1978) Fairytale (1979 • Jasper […]


Vandenberg were a Dutch hard-rock band that released three albums on Atco between 1982 and 1985. Members: Adrian Vandenberg (guitar), Bert Heerink (vocals), Dick Kemper (bass), Jos Zoomer (drums), Peter Struyk [Peter Strykes] (vocals) Discography: Vandenberg (1982) Heading for a Storm (1983) Alibi (1985)

The Nits

The Nits are a Dutch art-pop band from Amsterdam, formed in 1974 by vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Henk Hofstede. The band debuted with a 1976 single on Dureco, followed in 1978 by a self-titled album on Scramble. Ten albums and assorted shortplayers appeared on CBS between 1979 and 1990, with further titles on Columbia and Sony over the […]


Kayak were a Dutch art-pop band that released eight albums on EMI and Vertigo between 1973 and 1981. Members: Ton Scherpenzeel (keyboards, piano, organ, accordion, vocals), Johan Slager (guitar, vocals, 1972-81), Max Werner (vocals, percussion, 1972-81, 1999-2001), Pim Koopman (drums, percussion, vocals, 1972-76, 1999-2009), Cees van Leeuwen (bass, 1972-74), Bert Veldkamp (bass, vocals, 1974-76, 1999-2004), […]

The Alarm

The Alarm are a Welsh anthem-rock band that was initially active for 10 years, starting in 1981. The band debuted with an eponymous EP on I.R.S. in 1983, followed by four albums for that label between 1984 and 1989. Guitarist/vocalist Mike Peters reactivated the nameplate in the 21st century. Members: Mike Peters (lead vocals, guitar), […]


Budgie was a Welsh hard-rock band that released 10 albums between 1971 and 1982 on MCA, A&M, and RCA Victor. The one constant member throughout that time was bassist/vocalist Burke Shelley, who resurrected the nameplate in the 21st century. Members: Burke Shelley (lead vocals, bass), Tony Bourge (guitar, 1967-78), Ray Phillips (drums, 1967-73), Pete Boot […]

Julian Cope

Julian Cope (Oct. 21, 1957) is a Welsh vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter who first emerged as the frontman of Liverpudlian NuRo-psychsters The Teardrop Explodes. The band released two albums and assorted shortplayers between 1979 and 1982. Cope launched his solo career with the 1983 EP Sunshine Playroom on Mercury. Four albums would follow between 1984 […]

John Cale

John Cale (born March 9, 1942) is a Welsh multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who emerged on the London/New York avant-garde scene during the early 1960s, playing alongside Michael Garrett, John Cage, Tony Conrad, and La Monte Young. He entered rock as the bassist/violist in The Velvet Underground, with whom he recorded two albums: The Velvet Underground […]


Freur was a Welsh synthpop band that released the 1983–85 CBS albums Doot-Doot and Get Us Out of Here. Drummer Bryn B. Burrows played earlier in the Fabulous Poodles. Freur’s nucleus morphed into Underworld. Members: Rick Smith (keyboards, guitar), Karl Hyde (vocals, guitar), Bryn B. Burrows (drums), John Warwicker (synthesizer), Alfie Thomas (bass) Background Freur […]

The Associates

The Associates were a Scottish New Wave/art-pop band from Dundee that formed in the late 1970s. Between 1980 and 1982, the band released two proper albums and a compilation of non-album singles on Fiction and Beggars Banquet. During this time, the band centered on the creative team of vocalist Billy MacKenzie and multi-instrumentalist Alan Rankine. […]

Aztec Camera

Aztec Camera was a Scottish new wave band led by guitarist–singer and songwriter Roddy Frame. They released two 1981 Postcard singles and the 1983 Rough Trade album High Land, Hard Rain, an acclaimed set with the underground hits “Oblivious,” “Pillar to Post,” and “Walk Out to Winter.” Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler produced Aztec Camera’s […]

Modern Man

Modern Man were a Scottish New Wave band that released the album Concrete Scheme with accompanying singles on MAM Records in 1980. Members: Jim Cook (vocals), Colin King (drums), Ali McLeod (guitar), Danny Mitchell (guitar), Mike Moran (bass) Discography: Concrete Scheme (1980) “Things Could Be Better” (1981)

Cocteau Twins

Cocteau Twins were a Scottish goth/dream-pop trio that was active for 16 years, starting in 1981. Between 1982 and 1990, the band released six albums and assorted EPs on 4AD. Two additional longplayers appeared on Fontana during the 1990s. Members: Elizabeth Fraser (vocals), Robin Guthrie (guitar), Will Heggie (bass, 1981-83), Simon Raymonde (bass, 1983-97) Background […]


Endgames were a Scottish New Wave/synthpop band that released a standalone single on Mercury in 1982, followed by two albums with accompanying singles on Virgin between 1983 and 1985. Members: David Murdoch (keyboards), Douglas Muirden (keyboards, programming), David Rudden (bass, vocals), Willie Gardner (keyboards, bass, guitar), Brian McGee (drums, programming), Paul Wishart (saxophone) Discography: Building […]

Fiction Factory

Fiction Factory were a Scottish synthpop band that released the album Throw the Warped Wheel Out with accompanying singles on CBS in 1984, followed by Another Story on Foundry Records in 1985. Members: Kevin Patterson (vocals), Chic Medley (guitar), Graham McGregor (bass), Eddie Jordan (keyboards), Mike Ogletree (drums, percussion) Discography: Throw the Warped Wheel Out […]

Midge Ure

Midge Ure — aka James Ure (born Oct. 10, 1953) — is a Scottish vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter from Cambuslang, Lanarkshire, who fronted the bands Slik and the Rich Kids during the mid-to-late 1970s. In 1979, he replaced John Foxx in Ultravox, releasing five albums with the band between 1980 and 1986. At the […]


Pallas are a Scottish symphonic-rock band from Aberdeen, formed in the mid-1970s and unrecorded for much of their first decade beyond a cassette-only release on self-press Granite Wax. Between 1984 and 1986, the band released two albums on Harvest, followed by a long run of self-issued live and studio titles during the 1990s and into […]

Gerry Rafferty

Gerry Rafferty (1947–2011) was a Scottish musician and songwriter who emerged in The Humblebums, a folk duo with future comedian Billy Connolly. The pair released two 1969–70 albums, which presaged Rafferty’s 1971 solo debut Can I Have My Money Back? In 1972, Rafferty teamed with longtime friend Joe Egan in the art-pop/folk combo Stealers Wheel, […]


The Skids were a Scottish New Wave/modern-rock band that released four albums and assorted shortplayers on Virgin between 1978 and 1981. Bill Nelson produced and played keyboards on their 1979 second album Days in Europa. Guitarist Stuart Adamson departed after the third album to form Big Country. Members: Richard Jobson (vocals, guitar), Stuart Adamson (guitar, […]

Thomas Leer

Thomas Leer — aka Thomas Wishart (born 1953) — is a Scottish musician and producer who released several small-press recordings during the late 1970s, including a collaborative album with guitarist/keyboardist Robert Rental. In 1981, Leer issued his first of three back-to-back shortplayers on Cherry Red. His first proper album, The Scale of Ten, appeared on […]

Ali Thomson

Ali Thomson is a Scottish art-pop vocalist and songwriter who released two albums on A&M circa 1980/81. The title track to his first album, Take a Little Rhythm, reached #15 on the Billboard chart in 1980. He is the brother of Supertramp bassist Dougie Thomson. Discography: Take a Little Rhythm (1980) Deception Is an Art […]

Al Stewart

Al Stewart is a Scottish singer/songwriter who emerged from the British folk boom of the mid-1960s. He debuted with the 1967 orchestral-psych album Bed Sitter Images, his first of five albums on CBS, culminating with the lavish 1972/73 works Orange and Past, Present and Future. His 1975 release Modern Times marked his first collaboration with […]

Drinking Electricity

Drinking Electricity were a Scottish coldwave/art-punk band that released three shortplayers on local small-press Pop Aural in 1980. The band issued a standalone single on Survival Records in 1981, followed by the album Overload on that label in 1982. Members: Anne-Marie Heighway (vocals), David Rome (guitar, vocals), Paul Edgley (bass) Discography: Overload (1982)


Strangeways were a Scottish hard-rock band that released a self-titled album on Bon Aire in 1984, followed by two albums on RCA between 1987 and 1989. Members: Ian James Stewart (guitar, vocals, bass, keyboards), Jim Drummond (drums, percussion, vocals), Dave Stewart (bass, vocals, 1984-2000), Tony Liddle (lead vocals, 1984-85), Terry Brock (lead vocals, 1986-89, 2010-present), […]


Albania were a Scottish New Wave band that released two singles and the album Are You All Mine in 1981 on Chiswick, followed by a 1982 single on Stiff. Members: K-Y McKay (vocals, guitar), Robert Strain (guitar), Dusty McSheffrey (bass, keyboards), Jonnie Kilometer [Jonnie Miles] (drums), Nick C. Ash (keyboards, guitar), Andy Hamilton (saxophone) Discography: […]

Positive Noise

Positive Noise was a Scottish new wave band on Statik Records that released the 1981–82 albums Heart of Darkness and Change of Heart. They issued eight singles, including “Give Me Passion,” “Charm,” “Waiting for the Seventh Man” and two 1983–84 stop-gaps (“When Lightning Strikes,” “A Million Miles Away”) found on their 1985 final album Distant […]

Gary Moore

Gary Moore (April 4, 1952 — Feb. 6, 2011) was an Irish blues-rock/hard-rock/jazz-rock guitarist with a musical career that spanned more than 40 years. He first emerged as a member of the Limerick rock combo Granny’s Intention, which issued the album Honest Injun on Deram in 1969. This was followed by two albums with blues-rockers […]

Chris De Burgh

Chris De Burgh (born Oct. 15, 1948) is an Irish singer/songwriter with a recording career that dates back to the mid-1970s. Since that time, he has released more than 20 studio albums. His most successful periods include the conceptual/orchestral works that he issued on A&M between 1974 and 1979, followed by his art-pop/folk-rock material for […]


Clannad are a Celtic Irish folk-rock/New Age collective that was initially active as a recording entity between the early 1970s and late 1990s. Members: Ciarán Ó Braonáin [Ciara Brennan] (bass, guitar, keyboards), Pól Ó Braonáin [Pól Brennan / Paul Brennan] (tin whistle, flute, guitar, keyboards, 1970-90, 2011-present), Pádraig Ó Dúgáin [Pat Duggan] (mandolin, harmonica, guitar, […]

Rory Gallagher

Rory Gallagher (March 2, 1948 — June 14, 1995) was an Irish blues-rock/hard-rock guitarist who was active between the late 1960s and early ’90s. He first emerged as the frontman of Cork power-trio Taste, which issued two albums circa 1969/70. He launched his solo career with back-to-back albums on Atco/Polydor in 1971. His popularity peaked […]

Zerra One

Zerra One were an Irish modern-rock band that released several small-press singles and two albums for Mercury during the mid-1980s. The band issued their self-titled first album, produced by Todd Rundgren, in 1984. The Domino Effect, produced by Barry Blue, followed in 1986. Members: Paul Bell (vocals, keyboards), Andreas Grimminger (guitar), Adrian Wyatt (bass), Korda […]


Julverne were a Belgian classical/folk ensemble that was initially active between the late 1970s and mid-1980s. The revolving door line-up consisted of anywhere from eight to 12 members at a given time. On 1980’s sophomoric A Neuf album, the band were joined by pianist/composer Charles Loos, who had mined similar territory in the acoustic collective […]


Machiavel are a Belgian rock band, first active from 1974 to 1982. After their 1976 self-titled EMI debut, they hired longstanding vocalist Mario Guccio and released the popular 1977/78 albums Jester and Mechanical Moonbeams. Musically, they evolved from symphonic/hard-rock to streamlined new wave. Members: Marc Ysaye (drums, vocals), Roland Degreef (bass), Albert Letecheur (keyboards, 1974-79), […]


Present were a Belgian chamber-rock/Zeuhl ensemble that was initially active during the first half of the 1980s. The band was headed by erstwhile Univers Zéro guitarist Roger Trigaux and also included ongoing UZ drummer Daniel Denis, who concurrently played in Art Zoyd while recording the debut Present album Triskaidékaphobie, released in 1980 on Atem. A […]

Univers Zéro

Univers Zéro is a Belgian chamber-rock/Zeuhl ensemble that debuted with a 1977 self-titled Atem release (later retitled 1313), followed by the 1979–84 discs Hérésie, Ceux du Dehors, and Uzed. Musically, they evolved from an acoustic neo-classical sound to the hi-tech avant-rock style of their 1986 Cuneiform release Heatwave. Bandleader Daniel Denis released two Nineties solo […]

Red Zebra

Red Zebra were a Belgian art-punk/coldwave band formed in 1978 in Brugge, West-Vlaanderen. Between 1980 and 1982, three singles and an EP were issued on the band’s namesake self-press Zebra. The band’s singular album from this period, Maquis, appeared in 1983 on Parsley. A further EP was issued the following year on Himalaya. The 1990s and 2000s […]


Kuruki were a Belgian coldwave/electro-pop combo that released five shortplayers and one album between 1981 and 1984. The band included veteran Flemish-rock journeyman Alain Bureau, who released a praised 1975 solo album under the modified surname Buro. Members: Gerry D’Haeyer, Alain Bureau Discography: “Crocodile Tears” / “W.S. remake” (1981, 7″) “Just a Cat” / “Marina […]

Snowy Red

Snowy Red was the performance moniker of Belgian coldwave musician Marcel Thiel, aka Micky Mike. He released two self-contained albums — Snowy Red and The Right to Die — circa 1981/82 on small-press Dirty Dance. The moniker represented an actual band on two subsequent ’80s releases, Vision ‎and The Beat Is Over. Thiel briefly resurrected the Snowy […]

Men at Work

Men at Work were an Australian new wave band from St. Kilda that released three albums on CBS/Columbia between 1981 and 1985. Members: Colin Hay (vocals, guitar), Ron Strykert (bass, guitar, vocals, 1979-85), Greg Sneddon (keyboards, 1979), Jerry Speiser (drums, vocals, 1979-84), John Rees (bass, 1979-84), Greg Ham (saxophone, keyboards, vocals, flute, harmonica, 1979-85) Background […]

The Moodists

The Moodists were an Australian New Wave band from Melbourne that released two singles and an EP on Au-Go-Go Records circa 1981/82, followed by another round of shortplayers on Red Flame and T.I.M. between 1983 and 1987. The band’s only proper album, Thirsty’s Calling, appeared on Virgin in 1984. Members: Dave Graney (vocals), Steve Miller […]

Moving Pictures

Moving Pictures were an Australian pop-rock band from Sydney that was active between 1978 and 1987, releasing two studio albums in 1982 and 1983 on Wheatley. Members: Alex Smith (vocals), Garry Frost (guitar, keyboards, 1978-84), Andrew Thompson (saxophone), Charlie Cole (keyboards, trumpet), Ian Lees (bass), Paul Freeland (drums, 1978-83), Mark Meyer (drums, 1983-89), Joey Amenta […]


The Models were an Australian New Wave band from Melbourne that released five albums and numerous shortplayers on Mushroom between 1980 and 1986. Members: Sean Kelly (vocals, guitar), Peter Sutcliffe [Pierre Voltaire] (bass, 1978-79), Ash Wednesday (keyboards, 1978-79), Janis Friedenfelds [Johnny Crash] (drums, 1978-80), Mark Ferrie (bass, 1979-82), Andrew Duffield (keyboards, backing vocals, 1978-84), Buster […]

Mondo Rock

Mondo Rock were an Australian pop/rock supergroup that released the album Primal Park on Oz Records in 1979, followed by four albums on Atlantic/Avenue, WEA, and Polydor between 1981 and 1986. Members: Ross Wilson (vocals, harmonica), Peter Laffy (guitar, 1977-78), Ian Winter (guitar, 1977-78), Tony Slavich (keyboards, 1977-78), Chris Jones (bass 1977-78), Barry Sullivan (bass, […]

Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John (Sept. 26, 1948 — Aug. 8, 2022) was an Australian singer, actress, and entrepreneur with a career in entertainment dating back to the late 1960s. During the mid-1970s, she achieved fame in the Northern Hemisphere with a series of country-pop albums and singles. In 1978, she conquered the big-screen in the iconic role […]

Peter Allen

Peter Allen — aka Peter Richard Woolnough (Feb. 10, 1944 — June 8, 1992) — was an Australian pianist, singer, composer, and showman, best known internationally through his songwriting partnership with Carole Bayer Sager that yielded hits for Melissa Manchester (“Don’t Cry Out Loud”), Rita Coolidge (“I’d Rather Leave While I’m In Love”), and Christopher […]


Peak were an Australian electronic duo that released the album Ebondàzzar on their own Cement Records small-press in 1980. Three years later, the album was issued internationally on Klaus Schulze‘s Innovative Communication label. Members: Paul Fisher, Robert Reekes-Parsons Discography: Ebondàzzar (1980)

Pel Mel

Pel Mel were an Australian New Wave band from Newcastle, New South Wales, that released six singles and two albums on GaP Records between 1981 and 1983. Members: Graeme Dunne (guitar, bass, vocals), Judy McGee (saxophone, keyboards), Jane McGee (guitar, 1979-81), Glenn Hill (bass,1979-80), Lindsay O’Meara (bass, 1980-81), Craig Robertson (bass, 1981-?), Dave Weston (drums), […]

Pseudo Echo

Pseudo Echo were an Australian synthpop band from Melbourne that released three albums and numerous shortplayers on EMI between 1983 and 1988.  Members: Brian Canham (vocals, guitar), Pierre Pierre (bass), Tony Lugton (keyboards, 1982-84), Anthony Argiro (drums, 1983-85), James Leigh (keyboards, 1984-89), Vince Leigh (drums, 1985-89) Discography: Autumnal Park (1984) Love an Adventure (1985) Race […]


Pyramid were an Australian jazz-rock band that released a self-titled album on East Recording Company in 1980, followed by Sunshower on ABC Records in 1983. Members: Roger McLachlan (bass), David Jones (drums), David Hirschfelder (keyboards), Bob Venier (trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion) Discography: Pyramid (1980) Sunshower (1983)

The Sherbs

The Sherbs were an Australian modern-rock band that basically functioned as a revamped Sherbet, assembled in 1980 after a temporary disbandment during the prior year. Under the new nameplate, the band released two albums and an EP on Razzle between 1980 and 1982. Members: Daryl Braithwaite (vocals), Harvey James (guitar, 1980-82), Tony Mitchell (bass), Garth […]

Terry Britten

Terry Britten (born July 1947) is an English-born musician, songwriter, and producer who first emerged as the guitarist of the Australian pop-rock band The Twilights during the mid-1960s. During the late 1970s, he rose to prominence in the Northern Hemisphere as a songwriter for Cliff Richard, penning the 1976 hit “Devil Woman” and most of […]

XL Capris

XL Capris were an Australian New Wave band from Sydney that released four singles and two albums on self-press Axle between 1979 and 1981. Members: Julie Anderson [aka Nancy Serapax] (drums, 1978-1980), Tim Gooding [aka Errol Cruz] (guitar, vocals), Johanna Pigott [aka Alligator Bagg] (bass vocals), Kimble Rendall [aka Dag Rattler] (guitar, vocals, 1978-1980). Michael […]

Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield (born Aug. 23, 1949) is an Australian singer, songwriter, and actor with a musical career that dates back to the late 1960s. He rose to prominence in his home country as one-fourth of the beat/psych combo Zoot. In 1972, Springfield moved to the U.S. and launched a solo career with back-to-back albums on […]

The Method Actors

The Method Actors were an American New Wave band from Athens, Ga., that released two albums and assorted shortplayers on Press Records (US) and Armageddon (UK) between 1980 and 1983. Members: Vic Varney (vocals, guitar, bass), David Gamble (drums, vocals, 1979-82), Michael Richmond (guitar, bass, 1982-83), Robert Schmid (drums, 1982-83), Stan Satin (saxophone, percussion, vocals, […]


Pylon were an American New Wave band from Athens, Ga., that debuted with a standalone single on DB Recs in 1979, followed by two albums with accompanying singles between 1980 and 1983. Along with local contemporaries The B-52’s and The Method Actors, Pylon’s scratchy/jerky/angular style served as a comedic counterpart to the similar yet more […]

Bush Tetras

Bush Tetras were an American No Wave/punk-funk band from NYC that released three shortplayers on the specialty labels 99 and Fetish in 1980/83. A live cassette, Wild Things, appeared on ROIR upon the band’s initial breakup in 1983. Guitarist Pat Place hailed from James Chance‘s Blacks/Contortions conglomerate and the ZE Records super-project Aural Exciters. Members: […]