Tri Atma

Tri Atma were a German ethno-jazz/rock band that released three albums on RCA Victor between 1979 and 1981, followed by three further albums on Erdenklang and Lifestyle between 1982 and 1989. Members: Asim Saha (tabla, dholak, nal, percussion, lead vocals), Jens Fischer (acoustic guitar, percussion, vocals, xylophone), Manfred Flathe (sitar, surbahar, percussion), Herbert Koschmieder (saxophone, […]

Tri Atma Und Gyan Nishabda ‎– Sehnsucht Und Einklang (1982)

Sehnsucht Und Einklang is the fourth album by German/Indian ethno/jazz-rock combo Tri Atma, recorded in collaboration with keyboardist/producer Gyan Nishabda and released in 1982 on Erdenklang. Tracklist: A1. “Natürliche Liebe” (5:07) A2. “Mikrokosmos” (6:56) A3. “Grotte” (3:42) A4. “O Moena” (5:23) B1. “Neun Muscheln” (4:48) B2. “Märchenberg” (4:57) B3. “Esotera” (5:05) B4. “Ruby Boy” (3:42) […]