James Taylor Move

The James Taylor Move was an Australian psychedelic rock band from Adelaide that issued two singles in 1967 on Festival Records, followed by a stint behind blues singer Wendy Saddington. Guitarist Kevin Peek and rhythm players Alan Tarney and Trevor Spencer moved to the UK, where they teamed with fellow Aussie Terry Britten in Quartet. […]

Tarney/Spencer Band

The Tarney–Spencer Band (alternately billed as Tarney & Spencer) was the Australian pop-rock duo of multi-instrumentalist Alan Tarney and drummer Trevor Spencer. They released a self-titled 1976 album on Bradley’s, followed by the 1978–79 A&M albums Three’s a Crowd and Run for Your Life. “No Time to Lose” remains an FM wildcard in select US […]

Sally Oldfield – Water Bearer (1978)

Water Bearer is the debut solo album by Sally Oldfield, released in 1978 on Bronze. Tracklist: A1. “Water Bearer” (6:25) A2. “Songs of the Quendi” (12:46)    a. “Night Theme”    b. “Wampum Song”    c. “Nenya”    d. “Land of the Sun” A3. “Mirrors” (3:29) B1. “Weaver” (3:38) B2. “Night of the Hunter’s Moon” […]

Cliff Richard ‎– Wired for Sound (1981)

Wired for Sound is a 1981 studio album by Cliff Richard, produced by Alan Tarney for EMI Records. The Songs A1. “Wired for Sound” (3:38) | Writers: Alan Tarney, B. A. Robertson | Style: synthpop (uptempo) “Wired for Sound” is an uptempo pop-rocker about a young man’s love for hi-fidelity. The song’s arrangement consists of […]

The Tarney/Spencer Band ‎– Run for Your Life (1979)

Run for Your Life is the third album by the Tarney/Spencer Band, produced by David Kershenbaum and released in 1979 on A&M. The album features two of the duo’s most popular songs — the Firefall-esque cult classic “No Time to Lose” and the power ballad “A Heart Will Break Tonight,” which Cliff Richard rendered on […]

The Tarney/Spencer Band ‎– Three’s a Crowd (1978)

Three’s a Crowd is the second album by the Australian pop/rock duo of songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Alan Tarney and co-writer/drummer Trevor Spencer, released in 1978 on A&M. The album includes the duo’s second recording of “It’s Really You,” which appeared in a different arrangement on their 1976 Bradleys longplayer. Tracklist: A1. “Bye Bye Now My Sweet Love” […]

Cliff Richard ‎– I’m No Hero (1980)

I’m No Hero is a studio album by Cliff Richard, released in September 1980 on EMI Records. It was the first of Richard’s two consecutive albums produced by Alan Tarney, who wrote eight of the ten songs. Tarney wrote Cliff’s prior hit “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” a UK #1 that consolidated the singer’s career renaissance […]

Leo Sayer ‎– Living in a Fantasy (1980)

Living in a Fantasy is the eighth album by English vocalist/entertainer Leo Sayer, produced by Alan Tarney and released in 1980 on Chrysalis and Warner Bros. Tracklist: A1. “Time Ran Out on You” (3:50) A2. “Where Did We Go Wrong” (3:55) A3. “You Win – I Lose” (3:43) A4. “More Than I Can Say” (3:41) […]