The Clash

The Clash was an English rock band that released five albums between 1977 and 1982 on CBS. Their classic lineup featured singer, lyricist, and rhythm guitarist Joe Strummer, who co-wrote most of their songs with lead guitarist, composer, and second vocalist Mick Jones. Bassist Paul Simonon completed the original lineup, which welcomed drummer Topper Headon […]

The Clash – Give ‘Em Enough Rope (1978)

Give ‘Em Enough Rope is the second album by English rock band The Clash, released in November 1978 on CBS/Epic. Tracklist: A1. “Safe European Home” (3:50) A2. “English Civil War” (2:35) A3. “Tommy Gun” (3:17) A4. “Julie’s Been Working for the Drug Squad” (3:03) A5. “Last Gang in Town” (5:14) B1. “Guns on the Roof” […]

The Clash – Sandinista (1980)

Sandinista is the fourth album by English rock/reggae band The Clash, released in 1980 as a triple-LP set on CBS/Epic. Tracklist: A1. “The Magnificent Seven” (5:31) A2. “Hitsville U.K.” (4:22) A3. “Junco Partner” (4:52) A4. “Ivan Meets G.I. Joe” (3:05) A5. “The Leader” (1:42) A6. “Something About England” (3:42) B1. “Rebel Waltz” (3:25) B2. “Look […]

The Clash ‎– London Calling (1979)

London Calling is the third album by English rock band The Clash, released in December 1979 on CBS/Epic. Tracklist: A1. “London Calling” (3:19) A2. “Brand New Cadillac” (2:09) A3. “Jimmy Jazz” (3:51) A4. “Hateful” (2:47) A5. “Rudie Can’t Fail” (3:26) B1. “Spanish Bombs” (3:18) B2. “The Right Profile” (4:00) B3. “Lost in the Supermarket” (3:47) […]