Terje Rypdal – Whenever I Seem to Be Far Away (1974)

Whenever I Seem to Be Far Away is the fourth solo album by Norwegian avant-garde/jazz-rock guitarist Terje Rypdal, released in 1974 on ECM. Tracklist: A1. “Silver Bird Is Heading for the Sun” (14:05) A2. “The Hunt” (5:18) B. “Whenever I Seem to Be Far Away (Image for Electric Guitar, Strings, Oboe and Clarinet)” (17:37) Credits: […]


Dream was a Norwegian psych-rock band that released the 1967 album Get Dreamy on Polydor. Guitarist Terje Rypdal embarked on a lengthy career as an international jazz sessionist and ECM recording artist. Members: Terje Rypdal (guitar, vocals), Christian Reim (piano, organ, vocals), Hans Marius Stormoen (bass), Tom Karlsen (drums, percussion) Dream formed in Oslo in […]

Terje Rypdal ‎– Odyssey (1975)

Odyssey is the fifth solo album by Norwegian jazz guitarist Terje Rypdal, originally released in 1975 as a two-LP set on ECM. Tracklist: A1. “Darkness Falls” (3:27) A2. “Midnite” (16:37) B1. “Adagio” (13:09) B2. “Better Off Without You” (7:31) C1. “Over Birkerot” (4:42) C2. “Fare Well” (11:22) C3. “Ballade” (5:55) D. “Rolling Stone” (23:54) Credits: Terje […]

Michael Mantler ‎– The Hapless Child (and Other Inscrutable Stories) (1976)

The Hapless Child (and Other Inscrutable Stories) is the third album by Austrian composer/arranger Michael Mantler, released in 1976 on ECM-subsidiary Watt.   Tracklist: A1. “The Sinking Spell” (5:12) A2. “The Object-Lesson” (4:58) A3. “The Insect God” (5:00) B1. “The Doubtful Guest” (4:45) B2. “The Remembered Visit” (6:25) B3. “The Hapless Child” (6:59) Credits: Michael […]

Terje Rypdal

Terje Rypdal (born Aug. 23, 1947) is a Norwegian jazz-rock guitarist who’s released more than 25 albums since 1968 in solo and combo form, mostly on ECM. Background and Early Bands Rypdal was born in Oslo, Norway, the son of a composer and orchestra leader. As a child, he studied classical piano and trumpet. In […]