Jobriath ‎– Jobriath (1973)

Jobriath is the first of two solo albums by the namesake American art-pop/cabaret performer, released in 1973 on Elektra. Tracklist: A1. “Take Me I’m Yours” (4:10) A2. “Be Still” (3:37) A3. “World Without End” (3:41) A4. “Space Clown” (2:34) A5. “Earthling” (3:29) A6. “Movie Queen” (1:56) B1. “I’m a Man” (3:33) B2. “Inside” (3:46) B3. “Morning […]

David Werner ‎– Whizz Kid (1974)

Whizz Kid is the first of three albums by American symphonic/art-rocker David Werner, released in 1974 on RCA Victor. Tracklist: A1. “One More Wild Guitar” (3:29) A2. “Whizz Kid” (3:34) A3. “The Lady in Waiting” (3:36) A4. “The Ballad of Trixie Silver” (5:56) A5. “It’s a Little Bit Sad” (2:50) B1. “Love Is Tragic” (4:36) […]

Stephen Dees ‎– Hip Shot (1977)

Hip Shot is an album by American bassist/vocalist/songwriter Stephen Dees, produced by Daryl Hall and released in 1977 on RCA. The project came about through the bassist’s stint in the backing band for Hall & Oates. The liaison bore co-writing fruit in the song “Kerry,” which also appears on the soul/rock duo’s 1976 album Bigger […]