Tarantula was an American psychedelic rock band that released a 1969 self-titled album on A&M, produced by Chad Stuart of Chad & Jeremy. Bassist Oz Bach hailed from Spanky & Our Gang and Wings. Members: Tom Grasso (keyboards, vocals), Mike Edelman ([electric] flute, saxophone, vocals), Steve Swirn (drums), Oz Bach (bass, vocals), Thad Maxwell (guitar, […]


Tarántula were a Spanish symphonic/hard-rock band that released a self-titled album on Novola in 1976, followed by a numerically titled second effort on Chapa in 1978. Members: Rafael Cabrera (vocals), Emilio Santonja (drums), Manolo Peydró (guitar), Vicente Guillot (keyboards), José Pereira (bass), José Vicente (guitar), Ana María González Pazos (vocals), Enrique Alfonso Almiñana (vocals), Manuel […]