Stories was an American art-rock|pop band from N.Y.C. that released the 1972–73 albums Stories and About Us on Kama Sutra. After the departure of keyboardist and co-writer Michael Brown, singer Ian Lloyd took rein for the single “Brother Louie” and a third album, Traveling Underground. Brown hailed from baroque pop legends The Left Banke. Members: […]

Stories ‎– About Us (1973)

About Us is the second album by American art-rock/pop band Stories, released in 1973 on Kama Sutra. Tracklist: A1. “Darling” (2:38) A2. “Don’t Ever Let Me Down” (2:16) A3. “Love Is in Motion” (3:14) A4. “Hey France” (2:50) A5. “Please, Please” (4:55) B1. “Changes Have Begun” (3:30) B2. “Circles” (1:34) B3. “Believe Me” (3:31) B4. […]

Stories ‎– Stories (1972)

Stories is the debut album by the namesake American art-pop band, released in 1972 on Kama Sutra. Tracklist: A1. “Hello People” (3:54) A2. “I’m Coming Home” (2:38) A3. “Winter Scenes” (4:18) A4. “Step Back” (3:20) A5. “You Told Me” (3:06) B1. “Saint James” (4:30) B2. “Kathleen” (3:14) B3. “Take Cover” (3:01) B4. “Nice to Have You […]