Stackridge was an English art-pop band from Bristol, noted for their comical lyrics and vaudevillian stage act. During their initial 1971–76 run, they released three albums on MCA — Stackridge, Friendliness, and The Man in the Bowler Hat (aka Pinafore Days) — and two on Elton John‘s Rocket label: Extravaganza and Mr. Mick. The band’s […]

Stackridge ‎– Extravaganza (1975)

Extravaganza is the fourth album from English music-hall ensemble Stackridge, released in 1975 on MCA. Tracklist: A1. “Spin ‘Round the Room” Bowkett, Vernon (2:45) A2. “Grease Paint Smiles” Bowkett, Bathos (4:04) A3. “The Volunteer” Davis, Smegmakovitch (5:05) A4. “Highbury Incident (Rainy July Morning)” Davis, Bowkett, Slater (4:02) A5. “Benjamin’s Giant Onion” Bowkett, Bathos (4:04) B1. […]

Stackridge ‎– The Man in the Bowler Hat (1974)

The Man in the Bowler Hat is the third album from English music-hall sextet Stackridge, released in 1974 on MCA. Tracklist: A1. “Fundamentally Yours” (2:37) A2. “Pinafore Days” (2:37) A3. “The Last Plimsoll” (4:31) A4. “To the Sun and the Moon” (2:55) A5. “The Road to Venezuela” (4:52) B1. “The Galloping Gaucho” (2:48) B2. “Humiliation” […]

Stackridge ‎– Stackridge (1971)

Stackridge ‎is the debut album from the English music-hall quintet of the same name, released in 1971 on MCA. Tracklist: A1. “Grand Piano” (3:23) A2. “Percy the Penguin” (3:42) A3. “The Three Legged Table” (6:49) A4. “Dora, the Female Explorer” (3:48)* A5. “Essence of Porphyry” (8:06) B1. “Marigold Conjunction” (5:00) B2. “32 West Mall” (2:27) […]

Stackridge ‎– Friendliness (1972)

Friendliness is the second album from English music-hall sextet Stackridge, released in 1972 on MCA. Tracklist: A1. “Lummy Days” (3:22) A2. “Friendliness, Part 1” (2:30) A3. “Anyone for Tennis?” (2:32) A4. “There Is No Refuge” (3:24) A5. “Syracuse the Elephant” (8:45) B1. “Amazingly Agnes” (3:30) B2. “Father Frankenstein Is Behind Your Pillow” (3:38) B3. “Keep […]