Split Enz ‎– Time and Tide (1982)

Time and Tide is the seventh album by kiwi art-rock band Split Enz, released in 1982 on A&M Records. Tracklist: A1. “Dirty Creature” (4:00) A2. “Giant Heartbeat” (3:52) A3. “Hello Sandy Allen” (3:46) A4. “Never Ceases to Amaze Me” (3:03) A5. “Lost for Words” (2:56) A6. “Small World” (3:33) B1. “Take a Walk” (3:33) B2. […]

Split Enz ‎– Corroboree / Waiata (1981)

Waiata (aka Corroboree) is the sixth album by Split Enz, released in March 1981 on Mushroom Records in Oceania and A&M in the Northern Hemisphere. The album was titled Waiata in New Zealand and Corroboree in Australia, respectively the Maori and Aborigine words for song. According to percussionist and art director Noel Crombie, the plan […]

Split Enz ‎– Mental Notes (1975)

Mental Notes is the debut album by kiwi art-rock septet Split Enz, released Down Under in 1975 on Mushroom Records. Tracklist: A1. “Walking Down a Road” (5:26) A2. “Under the Wheel” (7:49) A3. “Amy (Darling)” (5:17) A4. “So Long for Now” (3:18) B1. “Stranger Than Fiction” (6:58) B2. “Time for a Change” (3:46) B3. “Maybe” […]

Split Enz ‎– Second Thoughts (1976)

Second Thoughts is the second album by kiwi art-rock septet Split Enz, released in 1976 on Mushroom Records. In the Northern Hemisphere, the album was re-titled Mental Notes and released on Chrysalis with a modified version of the namesake earlier album‘s cover art. Tracklist: A1. “Late Last Night” (4:04) A2. “Walking Down a Road” (5:28) […]

Split Enz ‎– Dizrythmia (1977)

Dizrythmia is the third album by Kiwi art-rock septet Split Enz, released in 1977 on Mushroom (AU/NZ) and Chrysalis (UK/US). Tracklist: A1. “Bold as Brass” (3:22) A2. “My Mistake” (2:56) A3. “Parrot Fashion Love” (3:47) A4. “Sugar and Spice” (3:49) A5. “Without a Doubt” (5:26) B1. “Crosswords” (3:21) B2. “Charlie” (6:26) B3. “Nice to Know” […]

Split Enz

Split Enz was a New Zealander art-rock band from Auckland, formed in late 1972 and active through several iterations over a 12-year period. In 1973, the band released a pair of singles on Vertigo and EMI, followed by nine albums on Mushroom between 1975 and 1984. Their first album, Mental Notes, includes the popular early […]