The Sons of Champlin

The Sons of Champlin were an American brass-rock-soul band from San Francisco, formed in 1965 by namesake vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, and songwriter Bill Champlin. Members: Bill Champlin (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Tim Cain (saxophone, 1965-70), Terry Haggerty (guitar, 1965-77), John Prosser (bass, 1965-67), Jim Meyers (drums, 1965-67), Geoff Palmer (keyboards, alto saxophone, vibraphone, 1967-77, 1997-present), Jim […]

Sons of Champlin – Loosen Up Naturally (1969)

Loosen Up Naturally is the debut album by Bay Area R&B/jam-rock band the Sons of Champlin, originally released in 1969 as a two-LP set on Capitol. Tracklist: A1. “1982-A” (3:50) A2. “The Thing to Do” (4:45) A3. “Misery Isn’t Free” (4:13) A4. “Rooftop” (3:42) B1. “Everywhere” (3:45) B2. “Don’t Fight It, Do It!” (4:15) B3. […]