Snakefinger — aka Philip Charles Lithman (June 17, 1949 — July 1, 1987) — was an English guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter who headed two albums (1972–74) by rustic-rockers Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers. He backed The Residents on their 1978 release Duck Stab / Buster & Glen and singed to Ralph Records for […]

Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers

Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers were an English rustic-rock band that released the album Kings of the Robot Rhythm on Revelation Enterprises Ltd. in 1972, followed by Bongos Over Balham on Mooncrest in 1974. Later in the decade, drummer Pete Thomas reemerged in Elvis Costello’s Attractions while guitarist Phil Lithman released a string […]