Smak ‎– Smak (1975)

Smak is the debut album by the namesake Yugoslavian symphonic/hard-rock/funk band, released in 1975 on ZKP RTVLJ. Tracklist: A1. “Perle” (4:00) A2. “Mračni mol” (3:20) A3. “Blues u parku” (7:26) A4. “Biska 2” (4:25) B. “Put od Balona” (19:00) Credits: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar [Fender], Backing Vocals – Radomir Mihajlović-Točak Bass [Fender Jazz Bass] – Zoran […]


Smak were a Yugoslav hard-rock/funk band from Kragujevac, Serbia, formed in 1971. Between 1974 and 1986, the band issued six albums and assorted shortplayers on RTB and ZKP RTVLJ. Guitarist Radomir Mihajlović Točak sporadically issued solo material during this time period, including the popular 1976 release R.М. Тоčак. Members: Radomir Mihajlović Točak (guitar), Slobodan Stojanović […]

Radomir Mihajlović Točak

Radomir Mihajlović Točak (born June 13, 1950) is a Yugoslav guitarist from Čačak, Serbia, principally known as the driving force behind funk-rockers Smak, with whom he recorded six albums and numerous shortplayers between 1974 and 1986. In 1976, he released the popular solo album R.М. Тоčак on ZKP RTVLJ. Discography: R.М. Тоčак (1976) “Mantilja” / […]