Second Hand

Second Hand was an English post-psych band that released the album Reality on Polydor in 1968, followed by Death May Be Your Santa Claus on Mushroom in 1971. They were the brainchild of keyboardist Ken Elliott and drummer Kieran O’Connor, who morphed the band into Chillum for an instrumental free-psych album. They later formed the […]

Second Hand – Reality (1968)

Reality is the first of two albums by English avant-garde psych combo Second Hand, released in 1968 on Polydor. Tracklist: A1. “A Fairy Tale” (3:18) A2. “Rhubarb!” (3:46) A3. “Dennis James the Clown” (2:21) A4. “Steam Tugs” (3:14) A5. “Good Old ’59 (We Are Slowly Getting Older)” (2:19) A6. “The World Will End Yesterday” (3:18) B1. […]

Seventh Wave

Seventh Wave was an English electro–psych duo that released the 1974–75 Gull albums Things to Come and Psi-Fi. Keyboardist–singer Ken Elliott and percussionist Kieran O’Connor hailed from Second Hand and Chillum. Elliot also cut a 1972 instrumental album as part of the studio–library project Vulcans. Before Seventh Wave, they demoed the Things to Come material […]

Second Hand ‎– Death May Be Your Santa Claus (1971)

Death May Be Your Santa Claus is the second album by Second Hand, released in 1971 on Mushroom/Stateside. The nucleus of the band would subsequently record as Chillum and Seventh Wave. Tracklist: A1. “Death May Be Your Santa Claus” A2. “Hangin’ On an Eyelid” A3. “Lucifer and the Egg” A4. “Somethin’ You Got” B1. “Cyclops” […]