The Cars ‎– The Cars (1978)

The Cars is the debut album by the American New Wave/modern-rock band of the same name, released in 1978 on Elektra. Tracklist: A1. “Good Times Roll” (3:44) A2. “My Best Friend’s Girl” (3:44) A3. “Just What I Needed” (3:44) A4. “I’m in Touch With Your World” (3:31) A5. “Don’t Cha Stop” (3:01) B1. “You’re All […]

Byzantium ‎– Seasons Changing (1973)

Seasons Changing is the second and final proper album by English symphonic/rustic rockers Byzantium, released in 1973 on A&M. Tracklist: A1. “What a Coincidence” (3:55) A2. “My Season’s Changing With the Sun” (2:37) A3. “Show Me the Way” (4:03) A4. “I’ll Always Be Your Friend” (4:08) A5. “October Andy” (5:22) B. “Something You Said – […]

Queen ‎– A Night at the Opera (1975)

A Night at the Opera is the fourth album by English hard-rock/art-rock band Queen, released in 1975 on Elektra. “Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to…)” – ecoey fade-in, piano filigree w/ descending rootnote, rising, sinister two note guitar riff (octave Aflat, fifth (Eflat), octave Aflat, diminished 5th (D, tri-tone), whirling siren sounds and smoke… abruptly […]

Jet ‎– Jet (1975)

Jet is the eponymous album by the English pop/rock one-off, released in 1975 on CBS. Tracklist: A1. “Start Here” (3:47) A2. “Brian Damage” (3:09) A3. “It Would Be Good” (2:06) A4. “Song For Hymn” (1:33) A5. “Nothing to Do With Us” (4:51) A6. “Tittle-Tattle” (4:35) B1. “Fax n’ Info” (4:23) B2. “My River” (4:12) B3. “Diamonds […]

Be-Bop Deluxe ‎– Futurama (1975)

Futurama is the second album by English art-rock band Be-Bop Deluxe, released in 1975 on Harvest. Music writer George Starostin likens the songs to “free-form post-Shakesperian monologs.” Tracklist: A1. Stage Whispers (3:05) A2. Love With the Madman (3:12) A3. Maid in Heaven (2:26) A4. Sister Seagull (3:36) A5. Sound Track (6:15) B1. Music in Dreamland […]

Queen ‎– Queen II (1974)

Queen II is the second album by English symphonic/hard-rock band Queen, released in 1974 on EMI/Elektra. Tracklist: A1. “Procession” (1:12) A2. “Father to Son” (6:14) A3. “White Queen (As It Began)” (4:34 A4. “Some Day One Day” (4:23) A5. “The Loser in the End” (4:02) B1. “Ogre Battle” (4:10) B2. “The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke” (2:40) […]

Starcastle ‎– Fountains of Light (1977)

Fountains of Light is the second album by American symphonic-rock band Starcastle, released in 1977 on Epic. Tracklist: A1. “Fountains” (10:25) A2. “Dawning of the Day” (3:46) A3. “Silver Winds” (4:57) B1. “True to the Light” (6:27) B2. “Portraits” (5:03) B3. “Diamond Song (Deep Is the Light)” (5:36) Credits: Terry Luttrell — lead vocals Matthew […]

Starcastle ‎– Citadel (1977)

Citadel is the third album by American symphonic-rock band Starcastle, released in 1977 on Epic. Tracklist: A1. “Shine on Brightly” (5:14) A2. “Shadows of Songs” (5:08) A3. “Can’t Think Twice” (3:51) A4. “Wings of White” (4:48) B1. “Evening Wind” (5:27) B2. “Change in Time” (4:31) B3. “Could This Be Love” (3:23) B4. “Why Have They […]

Peter Straker ‎– This One’s on Me (1977)

This One’s on Me is the second album by Jamaican/English cabaret/rock vocalist Peter Straker, released in 1977 on EMI. Tracklist: A1. “Ada” (0:36) A2. “I’ve Been To Hell And Back” (2:58) A3. “The Day The Talkies Came” (4:41) A4. “Heart Be Still” (4:01) A5. “Alabama Song” (3:58) A6. “Ragtime Piano Joe” (3:39) B1. “Jackie” (3:13) […]

Free – Fire and Water (1970)

Fire and Water is the third album by English hard-rock band Free, released in June 1970 on Island. “Heavy Load” – somber unaccompanied piano in Em (roots and fifths) D and back, drumroll…. Kirk and Fraser enter as Rodgers commences slow, depressive (yet full) delivery of lyrics about lost dreams/dissapoinment/futility of life/fatigue/dissolutionment/reflection (a young idealist […]