Baker Gurvitz Army ‎– The Baker Gurvitz Army (1974)

The Baker Gurvitz Army is the first of three albums by the namesake supergroup that paired the guitar/bass talents of the Gurvitz brothers (Gun/Three Man Army) with drumming legend Ginger Baker. The album was released in 1974 on Vertigo. Tracklist: A1. “Help Me” (4:56) A2. “Love Is” (2:47) A3. “Memory Lane” (4:46) A4. “Inside of […]

Rosetta Hightower ‎– Hightower (1970)

Hightower is an album by American soul singer Rosetta Hightower, recorded in England and released in 1970 on CBS. Tracklist: A1. “Why” A2. “True Love Adventure” A3. “My Back Yard” A4. “Michael” A5. “Black Bird” A6. “One Thousand Nine Hundred & Seventy Years” B1. “We’ve All Been Together” B2. “Time of Year” B3. “Selfish Woman” B4. […]