Paul Weiner

Paul Weiner is a Romanian jazz pianist that released the album Spirale with his backing quartet — Cvartetul de Jazz Paul Weiner — in 1976 on Electrecord. He later moved to Germany and continued as a sideman. Discography: Spirale (1976)

Octavian Nemescu

Octavian Nemescu is a Romanian avant-garde/classical composer. Since 1965, he has composed more than 25 works for chamber and orchestra. His 1982/83 compositions Gradeatia and Natural were interpreted on a namesake album by pianist Adrian Tomescu. Discography: Gradeatia; Natural (1983 • Laboratorul de muzică electronică I.P.E.M. din Gand / Adrian Tomescu)

Michael Cretu

Michael Cretu (born May 18, 1957) is a Romanian keyboardist, songwriter, and producer who has been active since the late 1970s. In 1978, he co-arranged the Nightflight to Venus album by Boney M. That same year, he debuted with the ballad “Wild River” on Polydor, which issued his album Moon, Light & Flowers the following […]

Marius Popp

Marius Popp (Sept. 21, 1935 — Nov. 8, 2016) was a Romanian jazz pianist who released three albums on Electrecord between 1977 and 1988. During the early 1970s, he backed vocalist Aura Urziceanu on two albums and an EP. Discography: Panoramic JazzRock (1977) Nodul Gordian (1983) Acordul Fin / Fine Tuning (1988)

Progresiv TM

Progresiv TM were a Romanian hard-rock band that was active for seven years during the 1970s. The band debuted with a 1974 single on Electrecord, which issued their popular full-length Dreptul de a Visa in 1976. Following several changes in personnel, the band released their second album in 1979 and promptly folded. Members: Harry Coradini […]


Sfinx were a Romanian symphonic/hard-rock band that released two singles, two EPs, and three albums on Electrecord between 1972 and 1984. Members: Corneliu “Bibi” Ionescu (bass), Octav Zemlicka (vocals, guitar), Idu Barbu (keyboards), Cristian Valica (drums), Petre Iordache (French horn), Sergiu Zagardan (drums), Toni Niculescu (keyboards), Adrian Ivaniţchi (guitar), Marian Toroimac (drums), Dan Andrei Aldea […]


Phoenix is a Romanian rock band that has been intermittently active since the late 1960s. The band released two beat-styled EPs circa 1968/69 on Electrecord, followed by three albums and another EP for the label between 1972 and 1975. In 1981, the nameplate was briefly altered to Transsylvania Phoenix for one album on Bacillus. Eleven […]

Cătălin Tircolea

Cătălin Tircolea is a Romanian panpipist who has released numerous albums since the late 1970s, mostly on Electrecord. His 1981 album Zboruri finds him on several variations of the instrument while conducting an enlarged band. Between 1979 and 1983, he also teamed with Ekseption/Trace keyboardist Rick Van Der Linden for three albums. Discography: Pan-pipe In […]

Aura Urziceanu

Aura Urziceanu (born Dec. 14, 1946) is a U.S.-based Romanian jazz singer who released numerous albums on Electrecord during the 1970s. In 1974, she recorded the big band/jazz-funk album Seară de Jazz cu Aura with piano work by Marius Popp. Discography: Aura (1972) Arie din suită (1973) Seară de Jazz cu Aura (1974) Oh My […]