Jade was an English folk-rock trio that released the album Fly On Strangewings on DJM in 1970. Members: Marian Segal [Marianne Segal] (vocals, guitar, percussion), Dave Waite (guitar, bass, vocals), Rod Edwards (keyboards, bass, vocals) Formation Jade formed in Westminster in 1970 when singing guitarists Marianne Segal and Dave Waite, a folk duo since the […]

Edwards Hand

Edwards Hand were an English chamber-pop/folk duo from London that released a self-titled album on GRT in 1969, followed by Stranded on RCA Victor in 1970, both produced by George Martin. Material for a third album, recorded in 1971, was released more than four decades later by archivists Wooden Hill. The nameplate derived from the […]

Picadilly Line

Picadilly Line were an English chamber-pop/psych band from London that released the album The Huge World of Emily Small on CBS in 1967, followed by a pair of non-album singles in 1968. The singing/songwriting team of Rod Edwards (keyboards) and Roger Hand (guitar) recorded two further albums as Edwards Hand. Scottish bassist Norrie McLean hailed […]