Renaissance are an English rock band that released eleven studio albums between 1969 and 1983. The original concept behind the name — a fusion of multi-century folksiness and ivory-laden classicism — was expanded and modernized over the years, culminating with the neon-powered, precision-fueled trio lineup of the early 1980s. They formed from the ashes of […]

Renaissance ‎– Renaissance (1969)

Renaissance is the debut album by the English symphonic-folk quintet of the same name, released in 1969 on the Island and Elektra labels. Tracklist: A1. Kings & Queens (10:56) A2. Innocence (7:07) B1. Island* (5:58) B2. Wanderer (4:02) B3. Bullet (11:20) 7″ version b/w The Sea Credits: Louis Cennamo — bass Jim McCarty — percussion, […]

Renaissance ‎– Time-Line (1983)

Time-Line is the eleventh studio album by English modern-rock combo Renaissance, released in 1983 on IRS. Tracklist: A1. Flight (4:09) A2. Missing Persons (3:37) A3. Chagrin Boulevard (4:24) A4. Richard IX (3:39) A5. The Entertainer (4:48) B1. Electric Avenue (4:56) B2. Majik (3:13) B3. Distant Horizons (3:58) B4. Orient Express (3:55) B5. Auto-Tech (5:22) Credits: […]


Illusion was an English folk-rock band that released two albums on Island during the late 1970s. The band comprised four-fifths of the original late-’60s lineup of Renaissance, which had entirely changed personnel by 1972. Members: John Hawken (Fender Rhodes, MiniMoog, Mellotron, organ), Louis Cennamo (bass), Jane Relf (vocals), Jim McCarty (vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion), John […]

Renaissance ‎– Azure d’Or (1979)

Azure d’Or is the ninth studio album by English symphonic/folk-rock quintet Renaissance, released in 1979 on Sire/Warner Bros. Tracklist: A1. Jekyll and Hyde (4:41) A2. The Winter Tree* (3:05) A3. Only Angels Have Wings (3:43) A4. Golden Key (5:16) A5. Forever Changing (4:49) B1. Secret Mission (5:02) B2. Kalynda (A Magical Isle) (3:43) B3. The […]

Renaissance ‎– A Song for All Seasons (1978)

A Song for All Seasons is the eighth studio album by English symphonic-folk quintet Renaissance, released in 1978 on Sire/Warner Bros. Tracklist: A1. Opening Out (4:15) A2. Day of the Dreamer (9:45) A3. Closer Than Yesterday (3:18) A4. Kindness (At the End) (4:48) B1. Back Home Once Again (3:16) B2. She Is Love (4:12) B3. […]

Renaissance – Ashes Are Burning (1973)

Ashes Are Burning is the fourth album by English symphonic-folk quintet Renaissance, released in 1973 on Sovereign/Capitol. Tracklist: A1. Can You Understand? (9:52) A2. Let It Grow (4:17) A3. On the Frontier (4:57) B1. Carpet of the Sun (3:32) B2. At the Harbour (6:48) B3. Ashes Are Burning (11:21) Credits: John Tout — keyboards, vocals […]

Renaissance ‎– Scheherazade and Other Stories (1975)

Scheherazade and Other Stories is the sixth album by English orchestral-rock quintet Renaissance, released in 1975 on BTM/Sire.   Tracklist: A1. Trip to the Fair (10:54) A2. The Vultures Fly High (3:08) A3. Ocean Gypsy (7:09) B. Song of Scheherazade (24:39) |i. Fanfare |ii. The Betrayal |iii. The Sultan |iv. Love Theme |v. The Young […]

Renaissance ‎– Turn of the Cards (1974)

Turn of the Cards is the fifth album by English symphonic-rock quintet Renaissance, released in 1974 on BTM/Sire. Tracklist: A1. Running Hard (9:37) A2. I Think of You (3:08) A3. Things I Don’t Understand (9:32) B1. Black Flame (6:29) B2. Cold Is Being (3:04) B3. Mother Russia (9:19) Credits: John Tout — keyboards Annie Haslam — […]

Renaissance ‎– Novella (1977)

Novella is the seventh studio album by English orchestral-rock quintet Renaissance, released in 1977 on Sire/Warner Bros.   Tracklist: A1. Can You Hear Me? (13:39) A2. The Sisters (7:16) B1. Midas Man (5:47) B2. The Captive Heart (4:17) B3. Touching Once (Is So Hard to Keep) (9:28) Credits: John Tout — keyboards, vocals, writer Annie […]

Renaissance – Prologue (1972)

Prologue is the third album by English symphonic-folk ensemble Renaissance, released in 1972 on Sovereign/Capitol. The album is the first under the Renaissance-nameplate to feature the “mainstream” lineup of Annie Haslam, Jon Camp, John Tout, Terry Sullivan, and Michael Dunford, the last of whom serves as musical director for this release. Tracklist: A1. Prologue (5:42) […]