Raw Material

Raw Material was an English post-psych band that released a self-titled album in 1970 on small-press Evolution, followed in 1971 by Time Is… on RCA Neon. Members: Colin Catt (vocals, keyboards), Mike Fletcher (saxophone, flute, vocals, 1970-72), Dave Green (guitar, 1970-72), Phil Gunn (bass, guitar, ?-1971), Paul Young (percussion, 1970-72), Cliff Harewood (lead guitar, 1971-72) […]

Raw Material ‎– Raw Material (1970)

Raw Material is the first of two albums by the namesake English symphonic-rock band, released in 1970 on Evolution. Tracklist: A1. “Time and Illusion” (7:30) A2. “I’d Be Delighted” (5:10) A3. “Fighting Cock” (3:50) B1. “Pear on an Apple Tree” (2:57) B2. “Future Recollections” (3:55) B3. “Traveller Man” (6:10) B4. “Destruction of America” (2:27) Credits: […]

Raw Material ‎– Time Is… (1971)

Time Is… is the second of two albums by English symphonic-rock band Raw Material, released in 1971 on Neon. Tracklist: A1. “Ice Queen” (6:42) A2. “Empty Houses” (7:20) A3. “Insolent Lady” (8:52) — a. Bye the Way — b. Small Thief — c. Insolent Lady B1. “Miracle Worker” (4:42) B2. “Religion” (4:26) B3. “Sun God” […]