Rational Youth ‎– Cold War Night Life (1982)

Cold War Night Life is the debut album by Canadian modernist New Wave/coldwave combo Rational Youth, released in 1982 on Yul Records. Tracklist: A1. “Close to Nature” (4:39) A2. “Beware of the Fly” (4:02) A3. “Saturdays in Silesia” (4:10) A4. “Just a Sound in the Night” (5:03) B1. “Le meilleur des mondes” (3:13) B2. “Ring […]

Rational Youth

Rational Youth were a Québécois coldwave/synthpop band that released the album Cold War Night Life on Yul in 1982, followed by an EP and a second album on Capitol in 1985. Members: Tracy Howe (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Mario Spezzo (keyboards, 1981), Bill Vorn (keyboards, vocoder, 1981-82, 1996-97), Kevin Komoda (keyboards, 1982-83), Denis Duran (bass, 1983), […]