Ragnarok was a New Zealander symphonic/space-rock band that released a self-titled album on small-press Revolution in 1975, followed by the album Nooks on Polydor in 1976. The band’s first album features vocalist Lea Maalfrid, who would later achieve international renown as a songwriter. Members: Andre Jayet (drums, synthesizer, vocals), Ross Muir (bass, synthesizer, vocals), Mark […]


Ragnarök were a Swedish symphonic/folk band that released four albums on Silence between 1976 and 1983. Members: Henrik Strindberg (guitar, flute, 1972-78, 2003-present), Staffan Strindberg (bass, 1972-78, 2003-present), Peter Bryngelsson (guitar, bass, vocals, 1972-83, 2003-present), Peder Nabo (guitar, flute, piano, 1972-80, 2003-present), Liselott Larsen (vocals, 1972-78), Lars Peter Sörensson (drums), Stefan Ohlsson (drums, guitar), Anders […]