Smak ‎– Smak (1975)

Smak is the debut album by the namesake Yugoslavian symphonic/hard-rock/funk band, released in 1975 on ZKP RTVLJ. Tracklist: A1. “Perle” (4:00) A2. “Mračni mol” (3:20) A3. “Blues u parku” (7:26) A4. “Biska 2” (4:25) B. “Put od Balona” (19:00) Credits: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar [Fender], Backing Vocals – Radomir Mihajlović-Točak Bass [Fender Jazz Bass] – Zoran […]

Radomir Mihajlović Točak

Radomir Mihajlović Točak (born June 13, 1950) is a Yugoslav guitarist from Čačak, Serbia, principally known as the driving force behind funk-rockers Smak, with whom he recorded six albums and numerous shortplayers between 1974 and 1986. In 1976, he released the popular solo album R.М. Тоčак on ZKP RTVLJ. Discography: R.М. Тоčак (1976) “Mantilja” / […]