Grace were an English modern-rock band from Stoke-on-Trent that released a self-titled album on Clay in 1979, followed by two singles on MCA circa 1980/81. Members: Mac Austin (lead vocals), Dave Rushton (bass), Harry Davies (flute, saxophone, whistle), Dave Edge (guitar, backing vocals, 1977-98), Phil Brown (drums, percussion, 1979-81), Alan Whiting (guitar, 1979-81), Roger Jackson […]


Whitesnake are an English hard-rock band that released seven albums and a live double-LP on UA/Liberty between 1978 and 1984, followed by two albums on EMI International during the late 1980s. The project originated from a namesake solo album by frontman David Coverdale, who previously sung in the mid-1970s lineup of Deep Purple. Members: David […]

Mike Oldfield

Mike Oldfield is an English composer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist with a career in music dating back to the late 1960s. Musically, his output is comprised of lengthy (often side-length or album-length) instrumental works with the occasional vocal track. Stylistically, his music has evolved from the classical/Celt-tinged angle of his early recordings to the broadened, modernized […]

Elvis Costello

Elvis Costello is an English musician, vocalist, songwriter, and producer from Paddington who debuted with the album My Aim Is True on Stiff/Columbia in 1977. After assembling his backing band The Attractions, he issued the popular Radar titles This Year’s Model (1978) and Armed Forces (1979), followed by seven albums on F-Beat between 1980 and […]

Nathan Mahl

Nathan Mahl are a Québécois symphonic-rock band that released the album Parallel Eccentricities on Hit! Records in 1983. After a period of inactivity, the nameplate was resurrected at the close of the 20th century for renewed output in the new millennium. Members: Guy LeBlanc (keyboards, clavinet, organ, guitar, recorder, vocals), Mark Spenard (guitar, vocals, 1981-2006), […]


Miriodor are a Québécois avant-garde/art-rock band that released eight studio albums and one live disc on Cuneiform over a three-decade period, starting in 1986. Members: Pascal Globensky (keyboards, acoustic guitar), François Émond (violin, flute, keyboards, clarinet, 1980-87), Denis Robitaille (guitar, bass, vocals, ?-1984), Marc Petitclerc (keyboards, ?-1984), Sabin Hudon (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, […]

Rouge Ciel

Rouge Ciel were a Québécois avant-jazz/rock band that released three albums on Monsieur Fauteux between 2001 and 2010. Members: Guido Del Fabbro (violin, mandolin, electronics), Simon Lapointe (keyboards, melodica), Antonin Provost (guitar), Némo Venba (trumpet, drums, percussion) Discography: Rouge ciel (2001) Veuillez procéder (2004) Bryologie (2010)

Interference Sardines

Interference Sardines were a Québécois chamber-rock band that released three albums between 1997 and 2007. Members: Andrée Bilodeau (vocals, violin, electric violin), Jimmie LeBlanc (bass, 1997), Frédéric Lebrasseur (drums, percussion), Philippe Venne (electric guitar), Lyne Goulet (alto saxophone, 1997, 2008), Sébastien Doré (bass, 2001-present), Marc Gagnon (violin, 2001) Discography: Mare Crisium (1997) Zucchini (2001) Spot […]

Les 4 Guitaristes de l’Apocalypso-Bar

Les 4 Guitaristes de l’Apocalypso-Bar were a Québécois avant-garde guitar ensemble that released two albums on RēR between 1987 and 1989. The project was led by ex-Conventum guitarist René Lussier and also featured former Etron Fou Leloublan bassist Ferdinand Richard. Members: André Duchesne (electric guitar), René Lussier (guitar, bass guitar, [footboard] percussion), Jean-Pierre Bouchard (electric […]


Voïvod are a Québécois thrash-metal band that released several cassette only live and studio albums during the early 1980s, culminating with the album War and Pain on Metal Blade Records in 1984. Four albums followed on Noise International during the second half of the decade. Members: Away [Michel Langevin] (drums), Piggy [Denis D’Amour] (guitar, 1982-2005), […]

Third Ear Band

Third Ear Band were an English free-folk band from London that released two albums and a soundtrack on Harvest in 1972. Members: Glen Sweeney (percussion), Paul Minns (oboe, recorder, 1968-88), Richard Coff (violin, 1968-70, 1971), Mel Davis (cello, 1968-69), Ursula Smith (cello, 1969-70, 1988-89), Paul Buckmaster (cello, bass, 1969, 1971-72), Denim Bridges (guitar, 1970-72), Simon […]

Then Jerico

Then Jerico were an English sophisti-pop band that released a clutch of shortplayers on London Records circa 1985/86, followed by two albums on the label between 1987 and 1989. Members: Mark Shaw (vocals), Jasper Stainthorpe (bass, 1983-89), Steve Wren (drums, 1983-89), Cliff Lawrence (guitar, 1983), Mark Sanderson (keyboards, 1983), Scott Taylor (guitar, 1984-89), Ben Angwin […]

Kombinat M

Kombinat M were an Austrian avant/space-rock quintet that was active for six years, starting in 1987. The band released its singular album, Hybrid Beat, in 1993 on Cuneiform and disbanded soon thereafter. Members: Andreas Heidu, Andreas Leikauf, Erwin Redl, Lukas Ligeti, Walter Hollinetz Discography: Hybrid Beat (1993)