Júlio Pereira

Júlio Pereira (born Dec. 22, 1953) is a Portuguese multi-instrumentalist and composer who initially emerged as an early member of Petrus Castrus, playing on the band’s first two singles and Mestre album during the early 1970s. In 1973, he teamed with vocalist Carlos Cavalheiro in the heavy-psych combo Xarhanga, which issued two singles on Zip-Zip. […]

Tempo e Modo

Tempo e Modo were a Portuguese art-rock band that released the album Um Mundo a Construir on RCS in 1980. Members: Pedro Ferreira (drums, chorus), Pedro Clara (12-string electric guitar, vocals), João Lopes (bass), Júlio Silva (synthesizer, electric piano, piano, strings), Pedro Rocha (piano, strings, synthesizer) Discography: Um Mundo a Construir (1980)


Tantra were a Portuguese symphonic-rock band that released two albums and a standalone single on EMI between 1976 and 1978, followed by a third album on Valentim de Carvalho in 1981. Guitarist/vocalist Manuel Cardoso resurrected the nameplate at century’s end for a further round of discs in the early 2000s. Members: Manuel Cardoso (guitar), Armando […]

Street Kids

Street Kids were a Portuguese New Wave/synthpop band that released four singles and the album Trauma, all on Vadeca, between 1980 and 1983. Members: Nuno Rebelo (bass), Luís Ventura [aka Mané] (vocals), Eduardo Sobral Pimentel (guitar), Nuno Canavarro [aka Nuno II] (keyboards, 1980-83), Flash Gordon [Emanuel Ramalho] (drums, 1980-83) Discography: “Let Me Do It” / […]

Salada de Frutas

Salada de Frutas were a Portuguese New Wave band that released three albums and four singles on Rossil and Edisom between 1980 and 1983, shortening their name to Salada for the final album and single. Members: Lena d’Água (vocals, 1980-81), Luís Pedro Fonseca (keyboards, vocals, 1980-81), Zé da Ponte (bass, guitar, vocals), Guilherme Inês (drums, […]


Ananga-Ranga were a Portuguese jazz-rock band that released two albums and three singles on Metro-Som between 1979 and 1980. Members: Luís Firmino (guitar, vocals), Álvaro (bass, vocals), Manuel Barreto (piano, vocals), Necas (drums), Rui Pedroso (organ, 1976-79), Pantera (percussion, 1976-79), Vasco Alves (bass, 1979-82), Manuel Garcia (saxophone), Discography: Regresso às Origens (1979) Privado (1980)


Saga were a Portuguese symphonic-rock that released the album Homo Sapiens on Movieplay in 1976. Members: José Luis Tinoco (piano, synthesizer, guitar), Zé da Ponte (bass, guitar, vocals), Fernando Fallé (drums), Vasco Henriques (moog, flute), Rão Kyao (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone), Fernando Girão (percussion, vocals), Dulce Neves (vocals), José Themudo Barata (vocals), Carlos Rodrigues (vocals), […]


Roxigénio were a Portuguese hard-rock combo that released a self-titled album on GAF in 1980, followed by two albums on Vadeca circa 1982/83. Members: António Garcez (vocals), Filipe Mendes (guitar), Betto Palumbo (drums), José Aguiar (bass), Abílio Queiroz (drums), Hippo Birdie, Fernando Delaere (bass), Frederic (guitar), José Eduardo [aka José Al’Vesh] (drums) Discography: Roxigénio (1980) […]

Quarteto 1111

Quarteto 1111 were a Portuguese pop-psych band that released numerous shortplayers on Columbia/EMI during the late 1960s, followed by a self-titled album for that label in 1970. Further singles preceded a switch to Decca, which issued the band’s popular symphonic album Onde, Quando, Como, Porquê Cantamos Pessoas Vivas in 1975. Between albums, keyboardist/vocalist José Cid […]

Petrus Castrus

Petrus Castrus were a Portuguese symphonic-rock band that was active through most of the 1970s, serving as a launching pad for musician/composer Júlio Pereira. The band released two EPs on Decca circa 1971/72, followed by the 1973 Guilda da Música longplayer Mestre. In 1977, the band returned with a single on Imavox, followed in 1978 […]

José Cid

José Cid (born Feb. 4, 1942) is a Portuguese keyboardist, vocalist, and composer who emerged as part of Estoril psych legends Quarteto 1111, in which he played from 1967 to 1975. In 1971, he debuted as a solo artist with two EPs and a self-titled album on Columbia. His popularity peaked with the symphonic/conceptual work […]

Jorge Palma

Jorge Palma (June 4, 1950) is a Portuguese singer/songwriter who has been active since the early 1970s. He released a pair of shortplayers on the Orfeu and Zip Zip labels circa 1972/73, followed by the popular album Com Uma Viagem na Palma da Mão in 1975 on Decca. Discography: Com Uma Viagem na Palma da […]

Banda Do Casaco

Banda Do Casaco were a Portuguese folk-rock band that existed through numerous lineups for two decades, starting in 1973. The band released two albums on Philips in 1975 and 1976, followed by titles on Imavox, EMI, and Valentim de Carvalho into the early 1980s. Members: António Pinho (vocals, timbales, sistrum, percussion, 1975-77), Carlos Zíngaro (vocals, […]

Anar Band

Anar Band were a Portuguese avant-garde/electroacoustic duo that released a self-titled album on Alvorada in 1977. Members: Jorge Lima Barreto (keyboards, electronics), Rui Reininho (guitar, bass) Discography: Anar Band (1977)