Philip Bailey ‎– Chinese Wall (1984)

Chinese Wall is the second solo album by American R&B musician/vocalist Philip Bailey, produced by Phil Collins and released in 1984 on Columbia/CBS. Tracklist: A1. “Photogenic Memory” (5:26) A2. “I Go Crazy” (4:48) A3. “Walking on the Chinese Wall” (5:08) A4. “For Every Heart That’s Been Broken” (4:15) A5. “Go” (4:30) B1. “Easy Lover” (5:04) B2. […]

Philip Bailey ‎– Continuation (1983)

Continuation is the debut solo album by American soul/funk vocalist Philip Bailey, released in 1983 on Columbia. Tracklist: A1. “I Know” (4:04) A2. “Trapped” (5:29) A3. “It’s Our Time” (3:51) A4. “Desire” (5:29) B1. “I’m Waiting for Your Love” (4:16) B2. “Vaya (Go With Love)” (4:20) B3. “The Good Guy’s Supposed to Get The Girls” (4:16) […]

Luther Vandross ‎– Forever, for Always, for Love (1982)

Forever, for Always, for Love is the fourth album by American soul singer Luther Vandross, released in 1982 on Epic. Tracklist: A1. “Bad Boy / Having a Party” (5:16) A2. “You’re the Sweetest One” (4:47) A3. “Since I Lost My Baby” (5:32) A4. “Forever, for Always, for Love” (6:22) B1. “Better Love” (6:27) B2. “Promise […]

Patrice Rushen ‎– Straight from the Heart (1982)

Straight from the Heart is the seventh solo album by American jazz-funk/soul musician/vocalist Patrice Rushen, released in 1982 on Elektra. Tracklist: A1. “Forget Me Nots” (4:42) A2. “I Was Tired of Being Alone” (3:49) A3. “All We Need” (5:50) A4. “Number One (Instrumental)” (4:55) B1. “Where There Is Love” (3:07) B2. “Breakout!” (4:04) B3. “If […]

Googie and Tom Coppola ‎– Shine the Light of Love (1980)

Shine the Light of Love is an album by husband/wife jazz-pop act Googie and Tom Coppola, released in 1980 on Columbia. Tracklist: A1. “Shine the Light of Love” (5:18) A2. “Broken Wings” (5:09) A3. “Nothing in This World” (5:22) A4. “Everything Is Coming to the Light” (3:38) B1. “Missing Love” (5:16) B2. “Joyous Flame” (5:11) […]