Chainsaw Jazz

Chainsaw Jazz was an American jazz-rock band that released the album DisConcerto on Cuneiform in 1993. Members: Mark Stanley (guitar), Christian Nagle (guitar), Mark Smoot (bass), Mark Gilbert (saxophone, clarinet), Ed Maguire (violin, electric mandolin), Paul Sears (drums) DisConcerto was released on Cuneiform Records (cat# RUNE 46) in 1993. It features 15 songs and a […]

The Muffins

The Muffins were an American avant-jazz/rock band that released two proper albums on Random Radar between 1978 and 1981. Members: David Newhouse (piano, organ, baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, percussion), Billy Swann (bass, guitar, percussion, vocals), Michael Zentner (guitar, violin, 1973-76), Tom Scott (alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, alto clarinet, soprano clarinet, oboe, bassoon, cantor, […]

The Muffins – 185 (1981)

185 is the second and final proper album by Maryland avant-garde/jazz-rock band The Muffins, released in 1981 on Random Radar. On this album, the band adopted a more jagged, kinetic approach akin to New York’s then-brewing jazz-punk/No Wave scene. Several tracks feature the sundry instrumentation of Fred Frith, returning favors here for the band’s contributions […]

The Muffins ‎– Manna/Mirage (1978)

Manna/Mirage is an album by American avant-garde/jazz-rockers The Muffins, released in 1978 on Random Radar Records. The album is the first of two proper studio sets released in the band’s lifetime, though a string of 1975–76 sessions had already produced nearly a double-album’s worth of material. Tracklist: A1. “Monkey With the Golden Eyes” (3:50) A2. […]

Steven Feigenbaum, Tom Scott – Things are More Like They are Now Than They Ever Were Before (1980)

Things are More Like They are Now Than They Ever Were Before is a collaborative album between avant-garde Maryland musicians Steve Feigenbaum and Tom Scott, released in 1980 on Random Radar. Tracklist: A1. “And Night Into Day” (3:00) A2. “The Earbenders” (6:43) A3. “Cirrus Mist” (2:18) A4. “A Sunday Drive” (2:33) A5. “Mountain Thrash” (4:43) […]