Opo were a Dutch folk-rock band that released two albums on specialty label Stoof between 1975 and 1977. Members: Evert Elderson (vocal, acoustic guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, harmonium), Theo harrewijn (vocals, double bass, Irish harp, flute), Han Schaeffer (vocals, acoustic guitar), Lenneke de Vries (vocals, flute, tin whistle) Discography: Fallen Asleep Just Like Papa (1975) 2 […]


Nasmak were a Dutch experimental/art-rock band from Nuenen that released four proper albums and three cassette collections on Plurex Records between 1980 and 1983. Members: Henk Janssen (vocals, keyboards, bass), Joop van Brakel (guitar, drums, vocals), Theo van Eenbergen [aka Theo van Rock] (bass, synthesizer, backing vocals), Toon Bressers (drums, percussion, vocals, guitar) Discography: Nasmak […]

The Motions

The Motions were a Dutch garage-rock/psych band from Den Haag that released three albums on Havoc/Negram between 1965 and 1968, followed by the Decca release Electric Baby in 1969. Guitarist Robbie van Leeuwen left after the second album to form Shocking Blue. Members: Rudy Bennett [Ruud van de Berg] (vocals), Robbie van Leeuwen (guitar, 1964-67), […]

Minny Pops

Minny Pops were a Dutch coldwave/art-punk band from Amsterdam that issued the single “Nervous” and the album Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement on self-press Plurex Records in 1979, followed by three further albums on Factory, Boudisque, and Prime between 1982 and 1985. Members: Wally van Middendorp (vocals, drum machine), Frans Hagenaars (bass), Pieter Mulder (guitar), Dennis […]


Mecano were a Dutch New Wave/art-punk band that issued a standalone single on No Fun in 1978, followed by two 1980 EPs and the 1982 album Autoportrait on Torso. Members: Dik Polak (vocals, accordion, drums), Tejo Bolten (bass, clarinet, 1978-83, 2005-present), Cor Bolten (guitars, keyboards, violin, 1978-83), Ton Lebbink (drums, 1978-81), Pieter Kooijman (guitars, 1978-81) […]


Massada were a Dutch Latin-rock band that released three albums and a live disc on Kendari Records between 1978 and 1980, followed by a fifth on Ariola in 1981. Members: Johnny Manuhutu (vocals, percussion), Frans Eschauzier (keyboards, 1973-79), Latul (guitar, 1973-79), Nino Latuny (guitar, 1973-81), Eppy Manahutu (vocals, drums, 1973-?), Zeth Mustamu (percussion, 1973-82), Usje […]


Lethe were a Dutch symphonic-rock band from Tilburg that issued an eponymous album on M.M.P. in 1981. The band comprised three-fifths of earlier art-rockers Mirror, which self-released the album Daybreak in 1978. Members: Thuur Feyen (organ, piano, strings), Philip de Goey (piano, oboe, flute, cor Anglais), Hans Lambers (drums, percussion, xylophone, vibraphone, strings), Johan Saanen […]

Lady Lake

Lady Lake were a Dutch instrumental band that released the album No Pictures on Q Records in 1977. Additional recordings from the 1975–80 timeframe were later released on the Musea CD Unearthed, issued concurrently with a disc of new material in 2005. Members: Leenderd Korstanje (keyboards), Jan Dubbe (drums), Fred Rosenkamp (guitar) Discography: No Pictures […]


Kracq were a Dutch symphonic-rock band that released the album Circumvision on small-press Unidentified Artists Productions in 1978. Live recordings from the period were later pressed on CD-R and sold on the band’s website. Members: Bert Vermijs (synthesizers, keyboards, vocals), Jos Hustings (guitar, vocals), Cees Michielsen (drums, percussion, 1977-1979), Twan van der Heiden (bass guitar, […]

Groep Ohm

Groep Ohm were a Dutch avant-jazz band from Tilburg that released two albums on specialty-press Syntohn between 1974 and 1977. Members: René van Asten (percussion), Ab Baars (tenor saxophone), Peter Cornelis (soprano saxophone), Pieter Henrard (drums), Willem Kühne (piano), Niko Langenhuijsen (double bass), Rob van Stratum (alto saxophone) Discography: Skokian (1974) J&M (1977 • Ohm […]


Fungus were a Dutch folk-rock band that released four albums on Negram between 1974 and 1977, followed by a fifth on Universe Productions in 1979. Members: Bob Dekenga (accordion, guitar, keyboards, vocals), Kees Maat (accordion, organ, piano, vocals), Koos Pakvis (bass, vocals), Louis Debij (drums, percussion), Fred Piek (guitar, vocals), Sido Martens (guitar, vocals), Rens […]


Flairck were a Dutch chamber-folk/classical ensemble from Ulvenhout, Noord-Brabant, that released six albums on Polydor between 1978 and 1982, followed by four albums on EMI during the subsequent six-year period. Members: Erik Visser (guitar, tanbur, mandolin, sitar, koto, bouzouki, percussion, vocals), Anne van den Heuvel (cello), Ben van den Berg (accordion, organ, piano, guitar, percussion, […]


Decennium were a Dutch rustic-rock band from Venlo that released the album Song of the Sad Times on Pandora in 1974, followed by an album apiece on Killroy and Marlstone during the early 1980s. Members: Harry Witjes (percussion, vocals), Herm Klaassens (drums), Karel Koster (keyboards), Koos Koster (bass, vocals), Niels Koster (guitar, vocals), Pieter Koster […]


Compromis were a Dutch jazz-rock band that released the album Een Jobstijding on Recordsound in 1981. Members: Ronald Buijk (Fender piano), Jaap Froentjes (tenor and alto sax), Frank von Meijenfeldt (bass guitar), Arjen van der Linden (drums), Chris Punt (percussion) Discography: Een Jobstijding (1981)


Cargo were a Dutch hard-rock/jam band that released a self-titled album on Harvest in 1972. The band previously recorded as September, issuing three singles under that name on Imperial circa 1970/71. Members: Jan de Hont (guitar), Ad de Hont (guitar), Dennis Witbraat (drums), Willem de Vries (bass, vocals) Discography: “Little Sister” / “Walk on By” […]