Munju were a German jazz-rock band that released the album Highspeed Kindergarten on April Records in 1977, followed by two further titles on Schneeball between 1978 and 1980. Adopting a more New Wave-influenced sound, the band released Le Perfectionniste on Ixthuluh/Exil in 1984. Members: Wolfgang Salomon (bass, keyboards), Thomas Römer (drums, trumpet), Dieter Kaudel (guitar, […]

Munju – Highspeed Kindergarten (1977)

Highspeed Kindergarten is the debut album by German jazz-rock combo Munju, released in 1977 on April Records. Tracklist: A1. “Kirschsuppe” (9:09) A2. “Fall Oslip” (8:52) B1. “Patschamenga Underground” (5:32) B2. “Talk to Me But I Listen to You” (5:57) B3. “High Speed Kindergarten” (6:46 — :17–3:11–4:13–6:43) Credits: Alto Saxophone, Flute – Jürgen Benz Bass – […]