Miller Anderson

Miller Anderson (born April 12, 1945) is a Scottish guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter who played in a series of bands between 1967 and 1975, including Paper Blitz Tissue, the Keef Hartley Band, Hemlock, Broken Glass, and Dog Soldier. As a solo artist, Anderson released the album Bright City on Deram in 1971. Discography: Bright City […]

Keef Hartley Band – The Battle of North West Six (1969)

The Battle of North West Six is the second album by the English blues-rock/brass-rock ensemble led by drummer Keef Hartley, released in 1969 on Deram. Tracklist: A1. “The Dansette Kid Hartley Jam for Bread” (3:59) A2. “Don’t Give Up” (4:07) A3. “Me and My Woman” (4:24) A4. “Hickory” (2:45) A5. “Don’t Be Afraid” (4:25) B1. […]

Keef Hartley Band

The Keef Hartley Band was an English brass-rock ensemble that released five albums and a live disc on Deram between 1969 and 1972. Drummer–bandleader Keef Hartley and frontman–songwriter Miller Anderson later collaborated in Broken Glass and Dog Soldier, releasing one album with each band in 1975. Members: Keef Hartley (drums), Miller Anderson (guitar, vocals), Gary […]

Dog Soldier ‎– Dog Soldier (1975)

Dog Soldier is the singular, self-titled album by the namesake hard-rock/soul band led by drummer Keef Hartley and guitarist/songwriter Miller Anderson, who previously played together in the Keef Hartley Band. Sporting cover art reminiscent of Roger Dean, the album was released in 1975 on United Artists. Tracklist: A1. “Pillar to Post” (4:57) A2. “Several People” […]

Dog Soldier

Dog Soldier was an English hard-rock supergroup from Preston, Lancashire, that released a 1975 self-titled album on United Artists. They marked the second team-up between Scottish guitarist–songwriter Miller Anderson and drummer Keef Hartley, both veterans of the Keef Hartley Band. Concurrent to Dog Soldier, the two played in hard-rockers Broken Glass. Bassist Paul Bliss resurfaced […]


Hemlock was an English rustic-rock band that released a self-titled album on Deram in 1973. They were a spinoff of the Keef Hartley Band. Singer and guitarist Miller Anderson also headed the 1975 one-offs Dog Soldier and Broken Glass. Members: Miller Anderson (lead vocals, guitar), Peter Dines [aka Dino Dines] (guitar, keyboards), Michael Weaver [aka […]

Broken Glass

Broken Glass were an English hard-rock band that released a self-titled album on Capitol in 1975. The band featured Chicken Shack alumni Stan Webb and Robbie Blunt alongside Keef Hartley Band guitarist/songwriter Miller Anderson and drummer/namesake Keef Hartley. Concurrent to this release, the latter pair also recorded a one-off with Dog Soldier. Members: Stan Webb […]