Soft Cell

Soft Cell was an English electro-pop duo from Leeds, composed of singer–lyricist Marc Almond and keyboardist–programmer Dave Ball. They cut multiple singles in advance of their 1981 debut album Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret, which spawned the international hit “Tainted Love” and the club staples “Bedsitter” and “Sex Dwarf.” A visual accompaniment to the album, Non-Stop Exotic […]

‘Til Tuesday ‎– Voices Carry (1985)

Voices Carry i the debut album by Bostonian modern-rock quartet ‘Til Tuesday, produced by Mike Thorne and released in 1985 on Epic. Tracklist: 1. “Love in a Vacuum” (3:34) 2. “Looking Over My Shoulder” (4:15) 3. “I Could Get Used to This” (3:02) 4. “No More Crying” (4:18) 5. “Voices Carry” (4:13) 6. “Winning the […]

Soft Cell ‎– Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret (1981)

Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret is the debut album by English synthpop duo Soft Cell, released in 1981 on Some Bizzare/Sire. Tracklist: A1. “Frustration” (4:11) A2. “Tainted Love” (2:34) A3. “Seedy Films” (5:04) A4. “Youth” (3:15) A5. “Sex Dwarf” (5:18) B1. “Entertain Me” (3:35) B2. “Chips οn My Shoulder” (4:05) B3. “Bedsitter” (3:34) B4. “Secret Life” (3:37) […]

The Shirts ‎– Street Light Shine (1979)

Street Light Shine is the second album by NYC New Wave/art-rock band The Shirts, released in 1979 on Capitol. Tracklist: A1. “Laugh and Walk Away” (2:47) A2. “Love Is a Fiction” (2:37) A3. “Don’t You Hesitate” (3:52) A4. “Milton at the Savoy” (2:53) A5. “Ground Zero” (2:43) A6. “Triangulum” (5:35) B1. “Out on the Ropes” […]

Wire ‎– Chairs Missing (1978)

Chairs Missing is the second album by English New Wave/art-punk band Wire, released in 1978 on Harvest. Tracklist: A1. “Practice Makes Perfect” (4:06) A2. “French Film Blurred” (2:35) A3. “Another the Letter” (1:06) A4. “Men 2nd” (1:43) A5. “Marooned” (2:21) A6. “Sand in My Joints” (1:57) A7. “Being Sucked In Again” (3:12) A8. “Heartbeat” (3:15) […]

The Shirts ‎– The Shirts (1978)

The Shirts is the debut album by the namesake American New Wave/art-rock band, released in 1978 on Capitol/Harvest. Tracklist: A1. “Reduced to a Whisper” (3:28) A2. “Tell Me Your Plans” (3:10) A3. “Empty Ever After” (3:52) A4. “Teenage Crutch” (3:00) A5. “10th Floor Clown” (4:24) B1. “The Story Goes” (4:00) B2. “Lonely Android” (3:55) B3. […]

Berlin Blondes ‎– Berlin Blondes (1980)

Berlin Blondes is the lone album by the namesake Scottish New Wave/modernist band, released in 1980 on EMI. Tracklist: A1. “Framework” A2. “Astro” A3. “Science” A4. “Romance” A5. “Trail to Istanbul” B1. “Secret Days” B2. “Mannequin” B3. “Neon Probe” B4. “Zero Song“ Credits: Backing Vocals – Drew McCulloch (B4) Bass – Nick Clark Drums – […]

Colin Newman ‎– A-Z (1980)

A-Z is the debut solo album by English New Wave/art-pop musician Colin Newman, released in 1980 on Beggars Banquet. Produced by Wire fifth-wheel Mike Thorne and retaining that band’s drummer, the album serves as a musical continuation of Chairs Missing and 154. Tracklist: A1. “I’ve Waited Ages” (5:07) A2. “& Jury” (2:47) A3. “Alone” (3:57) […]