Michel Polnareff ‎– Michel Polnareff (1975)

Michel Polnareff is the fifth studio album by French chanson/pop multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Michel Polnareff, released in 1975 on Atlantic. The album is the artist’s third self-titled longplayer; his first and fourth albums — from 1966 and 1974, respectively — are also eponymous. Tracklist: A1. “Fame a la Mode” (4:35) A2. “No No No No […]

Michel Polnareff ‎– Polnareff’s (1971)

“polnareff’s” is the third album by French chanson/pop musician/vocalist Michel Polnareff, released in 1971 on AZ/Metronome. Tracklist: A1. “Voyages” (2:52) A2. “Né dans un ice-cream” (3:20) A3. “Petite petite” (3:18) A4. “Computer’s dream” (4:15) A5. “Le désert n’est plus en Afrique” (3:01) A6. “Nos mots d’amour” (3:13) B1. “… Mais encore” (2:14) B2. “Qui a tué […]

Michel Polnareff

Michel Polnareff (born July 3, 1944) is a French musician and songwriter who recorded numerous chanson-pop and instrumental soundtrack works for Disc’Az, Atlantic, and Philips during a 25-year period, starting in the mid-1960s. Discography: Michel Polnareff (1966) Volume 2 (1968) “Polnareff’s” (1971) La folie des grandeurs (OST, 1971) Polnarevolution (1972) D’Artagnan l’intrépide (OST, 1974) Les […]