Miles Davis – Get Up With It (1974)

Get Up With It is an album from the electric phase of American jazz trumpeter Miles Davis, released in 1974 on CBS/Columbia. Tracklist: A. “He Loved Him Madly” (30:29) B1. “Maiysha” (14:52) B2. “Honky Tonk” (5:54) B3. “Rated X” (6:50) C. “Calypso Frelimo” (32:07) D1. “Red China Blues” (4:10) D2. “Mtume” (15:08) D3. “Billy Preston” […]

Michael Henderson – Solid (1976)

Solid is the debut solo album by soul/funk bassist/vocalist Michael Henderson, released in 1976 on Buddah. Tracklist: A1. “Make Me Feel Better” (3:00) A2. “Time” (3:11) A3. “Let Love Enter” (2:54) A4. “Treat Me Like a Man” (4:02) A5. “Solid” (6:34) B1. “Be My Girl” (6:37) B2. “You Haven’t Made It to the Top” (4:04) B3. […]

Michael Henderson – Goin’ Places (1977)

Goin’ Places is the second solo album by American bassist/vocalist Michael Henderson, released in 1977 on Buddah. Tracklist: A1. “Whip It” (4:01) A2. “Goin’ Places” (4:08) A3. “Let Me Love You” (5:00) A4. “I Can’t Help It” (4:16) B1. “I’ll Be Understanding” (3:03) B2. “At the Concert” (7:16) B3. “Won’t You Be Mine” (7:00) Credits: […]