Marshall Hain

Marshall Hain were the English art-pop duo of keyboardist/songwriter Julian Marshall and vocalist/songwriter Kit Hain, who released the album Free Ride on Harvest in 1978. Marshall later teamed with vocalist Deborah Berg in the jazz-pop duo Eye to Eye while Hain recorded several solo albums and gained industry renown as a songwriter. Members: Julian Marshall […]

Marshall Hain ‎– Free Ride (1978)

Free Ride is the first and only album from the art-pop songwriting partnership of keyboardist Julian Marshall and vocalist/bassist Kit Hain, released in 1978 on Harvest. Tracklist: A1. “Different Point” (3:35) A2. “Dancing in the City” (3:49) A3. “You Two” (3:11) A4. “Real Satisfaction” (3:33) A5. “Coming Home” (4:14) B1. “Take My Number” (1:17) B2. […]

Eye to Eye

Eye to Eye were an English/American duo that released two albums during the early 1980s. The brainchild of keyboardist/composer Julian Marshall, the project was a followup to his earlier duo Marshall Hain with vocalist/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Kit Hain. Members: Julian Marshall (keyboards), Deborah Berg (vocals) Musically, Eye to Eye purveyed a cosmopolitan blend of angular jazz-pop and […]