Mike Oldfield ‎– Five Miles Out (1982)

Five Miles Out is the seventh album by English composer/multi-instrumentalist Mike Oldfield, released in 1982 on Virgin. Tracklist: A. “Taurus II” (24:49) B1. “Family Man” (3:45) B2. “Orabidoo” (13:03) B3. “Mount Teidi” (4:10) B4. “Five Miles Out” (4:17) Credits: Mike Oldfield – Fairlight CMI, guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals, producer, engineer Richard Barrie – technical assistant […]

Cado Belle ‎– Cado Belle (1976)

Cado Belle is the first and only studio longplayer from the Scottish soul/funk six-piece of the same name, released in 1976 on Anchor Records. Tracklist: A1. “All Too Familiar” (3:04) A2. “Infamous Mister” (3:51) A3. “Rocked to Stony Silence” (5:27) A4. “I Name This Ship Survival” (4:25) A5. “Paper in the Rain” (3:58) B1. “That […]