Coke Escovedo – Coke (1975)

Coke is the debut solo album by American Latin-jazz/funk percussionist Coke Escovedo, released in 1975 on Mercury. Tracklist: A1. “No One To Depend On” (4:20) A2. “Why Can’t We Be Lovers” (3:40) A3. “Rebirth” (3:50) A4. “Easy Come, Easy Go” (3:12) A5. “Love Letters” (2:55) B1. “Hall’s Delight” (2:50) B2. “If I Ever Lose This Heaven” […]

The Loading Zone

The Loading Zone was an American brass-rock-soul band that released a self-titled album on RCA Victor in 1968, followed by One for All on Umbrella in 1970. They launched the career of soul singer Linda Tillery, who later recorded solo, first as Sweet Linda Divine. Members: Peter Shapiro (guitar, 1965-69), Steve Dowler (rhythm guitar, 1965-69), […]

Cesar 830 ‎– Cesar (1975)

Cesar is an album by American Latin rock/funk ensemble Cesar 830, released in 1975 on Flying Dutchman. Tracklist: A1. “Descarga” (6:20) A2. “See Saw Affair” (3:22) A3. “The Devil & Montezuma” (6:00) A4. “Navidad Latino” (3:30) B1. “Azucar” (5:30) B2. “Gotta Get Away” (3:36) B3. “Bridges” (5:00) B4. “The Lady in My Life” (5:29) Credits: Cesar Ascarrunz […]