Leo Sayer ‎– Silverbird (1973)

Silverbird is the debut album by English vocalist/performer Leo Sayer, released in 1973 on Chrysalis. Tracklist: A1. “Innocent Bystander” (3:02) A2. “Goodnight Old Friend” (2:49) A3. “Drop Back” (3:20) A4. “Silverbird” (1:19) A5. “The Show Must Go On” (3:30) A6. “The Dancer” (4:28) B1. “Tomorrow” (4:12) B2. “Don’t Say It’s Over” (3:14) B3. “Slow Motion” (1:45) […]

Leo Sayer ‎– Just a Boy (1974)

Just a Boy is the second album by English pop vocalist/songwriter Leo Sayer, released in 1974 on Chrysalis. The album was produced by his mentoring team of Adam Faith and David Courtney with orchestration by Andrew Powell. Tracklist: A1. “Telepath” (3:12) A2. “Train” (4:25) A3. “The Bells of St. Marys” (3:36) A4. “One Man Band” […]

Leo Sayer – Thunder in My Heart (1977)

Thunder in My Heart is the fifth album by English vocalist Leo Sayer, produced by Richard Perry and released in 1977 on Chrysalis and Warner Bros. Tracklist: A1. “Thunder in My Heart” (3:35) A2. “Easy to Love” (3:44) A3. “Leave Well Enough Alone” (3:16) A4. “I Want You Back” (4:29) A5. “It’s Over” (3:47) B1. […]

Leo Sayer ‎– Living in a Fantasy (1980)

Living in a Fantasy is the eighth album by English vocalist/entertainer Leo Sayer, produced by Alan Tarney and released in 1980 on Chrysalis and Warner Bros. Tracklist: A1. “Time Ran Out on You” (3:50) A2. “Where Did We Go Wrong” (3:55) A3. “You Win – I Lose” (3:43) A4. “More Than I Can Say” (3:41) […]