Legs Diamond

Legs Diamond was an American hard-rock band from San Francisco that released two albums on Mercury in 1977 and 1978, followed by six further studio albums over the subsequent two decades. Members: Michael Prince (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Rick Sanford (lead vocals, percussion, flute, 1975-87), Jeff Poole (drums, percussion, 1975-85), Michael “Diamond” Gargano (bass, 1975-81), Roger […]

Legs Diamond – Legs Diamond (1977)

Legs Diamond is the debut album by the namesake American hard-rock band, released in 1977 on Mercury. Tracklist: A1. “It’s Not the Music” (3:20) A2. “Stage Fright” (5:02) A3. “Satin Peacock” (5:36) A4. “Rock and Roll Man” (5:14) B1. “Deadly Dancer” (2:55) B2. “Rat Race” (6:43) B3. “Can’t Find Love” (8:47) CD bonus track: 8. […]