Lach’n Jonsson ‎– Songs from Cities of Decay (1989)

Songs from Cities of Decay is the second of two solo studio albums by Swedish avant/art-rock composer/musician Lach’n Jonsson, released in 1989 on Bauta. Tracklist: A1. “Han såg… (He Saw…)” (3:33) A2. “Stad (City)” (3:37) A3. “The Song of the Rats” (2:38) A4. “Askvarelsen (Creature of Ashes)” (2:16) A5. “Ur träsken och skogarna (Out of […]

Ur Kaos ‎– Ur Kaos (1987)

Ur Kaos is the debut album by the namesake Swedish avant-garde/art-rock trio, released in 1987 on Bauta Records. Tracklist: 1. “Loved Missile” (4:57) 2. “Let’s Talk a Walk” (1:56) 3. “A Regrettable Fact” (4:06) 4. “A Swedenborg Vision” (3:06) 5. “Never (No Hope, No Fear)” (2:45) 6. “Dying” (1:52) 7. “Bayamus?” (4:47) 8. “Intermission” (0:31) […]

Zut Un Feu Rouge ‎– Who’s Afreud (1985)

Who’s Afreud is the singular full-length album by Swedish art-rock band Zut Un Feu Rouge, released in 1985 on Bauta. Tracklist: A1. “Magmunnen” A2. “§ 1066” A3. “Café Thorax” A4. “Rheingold” A5. “Sålunda Järnvägshotell” A6. “Krokodildressyr” A7. “Sken Av Âlg” Sju Sovare, Part I-VII B1. “Förlåten” B2. “Mellan Gud Innan” B3. “Fly Fortuna” B4. “Tid […]

Zut Un Feu Rouge

Zut Un Feu Rouge were a Swedish art-rock band that debuted with the 1983 EP Kafka vs. Chaplin, followed by the popular 1985 album Who’s Afreud. Both releases, along with a cassette-only demo/live collection, were issued on Bauta, a specialty label run by the band’s multi-instrumentalist mastermind Lach’n Jonsson. Members: Bengt Fredriksson (devices), Gunnar Johansson […]