Kyrie Eleison ‎– The Fountain Beyond the Sunrise (1976)

The Fountain Beyond the Sunrise is an album by Austrian symphonic-rock band Kyrie Eleison, released in 1976 on Merlin. Tracklist: A1. “Out of Dimension” (10:06) A2. “The Fountain Beyond the Sunrise” (14:20) –a. Reign –b. Voices –c. The Last Reign –d. Autumn Song B1. “Forgotten Words” (8:40) B2. “Lenny” (16:40) CD bonus track (recorded 1978): […]

Kyrie Eleison

Kyrie Eleison were an Austrian symphonic-rock band that was active during the second half of the 1970s. The band released their singular album, The Fountain Beyond the Sunrise, in 1976 on self-press Merlin. A group of 1974/75 recordings were later released on the 74-minute CD The Blind Windows Suite. Keyboardist Gerald Krampl would head the […]