Shot in the Dark

Shot in the Dark were an English-American melodic-rock band that released a self-titled album on RSO in 1981. The band backed Al Stewart on his 1980 release 24 Carrots. Scottish vocalist Krysia Kristianne hailed from the early ’70s folk-rock trio the Natural Acoustic Band and recorded a 1974 solo album as Krysia Kocjan. Bassist Robin […]

Al Stewart ‎– Time Passages (1978)

Time Passages is the eighth studio album by Scottish singer/songwriter Al Stewart, produced by Alan Parsons and released in 1978 on Arista. Tracklist: A1. “Time Passages” (6:39) A2. “Valentina Way” (4:02) A3. “Life in Dark Water” (5:46) A4. “A Man for All Seasons” (5:45) B1. “Almost Lucy” (3:41) B2. “The Palace of Versailles” (5:20) B3. […]

Al Stewart – Past, Present and Future (1973)

Past, Present and Future is the fifth album by Scottish singer/songwriter Al Stewart, released in 1973 on CBS/Janus.   Tracklist: A1. “Old Admirals” (5:55) A2. “Warren Harding” (2:39) A3. “Soho (Needless to Say)” (3:51) A4. “The Last Day of June 1934” (4:47) A5. “Post World War Two Blues” (4:16) B1. “Roads to Moscow” (8:00) B2. […]